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Workplace Difficulties

We can spend a large proportion of our lives at work.

Unfortunately this can also be  a setting where negative behaviours can occur. These can include bullying, harassment, isolation, discrimination and other negative activities may occur.

The results of this can include depression, anxiety, stress and one (or more) individuals not wanting to go to work. Or even just want to spend their time “hiding” under the bedclothes, or worse.

The American Psychologist Robert Sutton ’s books “The No Asshole Rule and “The Asshole Survival Guide” are two books often recommended to clients who work in “difficult” workplaces. I even wrote, (for the Life Resolutions Huntingdale Blog)  a review of the most recent book, “The Asshole Survival Guide” (both of which are in lots of libraries).

Often it can be extremely useful to talk about the situation with an independent person (in this case a Life Resolutions Psychologist).

Clients report how they like  the idea they can discuss their situation with someone who can help them “see the wood for the trees”.

It can also be useful to “debrief” with someone who is independent and potentially assist with ideas about how the situation can be dealt with.

Ultimately, talking with a Psychologist from Life Resolutions Huntingdale can be the start of a process of helping you decide if or how to deal with the situation you find yourself in.

The first step is to phone Life Resolutions Huntingdale on 1300 506 768 or if you are losing sleep over these issues you can even make a booking 24/7 via our listings on

Where is Our Workplace Difficulties Service Located?

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