The Essential Guide To becoming a confident LGBT member

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From a young age we are sometimes taught that being a gay/ lesbian person is wrong, disgusting or even “second best”. However it is also very common for the young and developing gay/lesbian person to recognise and feel this “difference” from a young age, even if they don’t know or understand what it means.

Coming out and identifying yourself as a member of the LGBT community can be confusing, difficult and hard when discussing with family. Especially when your family members, loved ones and (you may believe) the broader community have negative views towards Homosexuality.

The issues around coming out and becoming a confident gay person usually stem from the fear (usually unfounded) of not being accepted by the Family of Origin, the general public and other people they interact with and can stem from the following issues:

  • Growing up in a family setting with strict rules, tradition and feelings of disgrace if you “choose” this path.
  • Growing up in a generation (or an overseas setting) where it was illegal to be Gay or Lesbian and punishments, or social isolation were common.
  • You didn’t know any gay or lesbian people when you were growing up so you believed that homosexuals should be, or are only like, the stereotypes depicted in the media.
  • Having a religious background that says it is a sin to be gay – or try to “cure” you (“Pray the Gay away”) or say you should “stay in the closet”.
  • You’ve been around other gay and lesbians and seen how they were bullied because of their sexuality.


Life Resolutions Huntingdale understand that coming to terms with your sexuality can be not only scary and result in fear of the unknown, but also overwhelming, exciting and an immensely positive, life-affirming and emotional experience.

Our Consultation clinics are safe, confidential and keep the upmost privacy and dignity. To speak with a gay friendly Psychologist please call us on 1300 668 256