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What is the first session with a psychologist like?

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Psychology Sessions at Life Resolutions Huntingdale

Making the first step to see a psychologist can be a daunting experience for many, the fear of the unknown combined with uncertainty regarding what to expect within the first session with a Psychologist may hold back many people from seeking help with their Mental Health Issues.

Life Resolutions Huntingdale is here to shed light on what to expect within your first session with us and to try to alleviate the concerns that may be holding you back from contacting a psychologist.

Upon making your first appointment, our friendly reception team will ask that you arrive five to ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so your Psychologist can check and record info from the GP referral, as well as recording your Medicare Card number and expiry date.

At your scheduled appointment time you will be greeted by your psychologist. tThey will lead you into the consulting room where they will go through our confidentiality requirements, cancellation policy and a few other administrative matters and try to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Following this introduction, the two of you will start looking at the reasons and issues which have brought you to see a mental health professional. If you are in doubt about your ability to effectively communicate your internal struggles,don’t worry, our trained and experienced psychologist can ask guiding questions that will help point you in the right direction and hopefully identify some goals for your sessions.

We may also use a fairly simple “paper and pen” test like a DASS21, (which you may have done at your GP) to look at your levels of Depression, Anxiety and Stress and use as a “baseline” to compare with later.

Life Resolutions Huntingdale

At Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we understand that there may be significant stereotypes and stigmatized views regarding seeking professional mental health assistance. Employing a client centred approach, the Huntingdale practice is striving to remove these judgmental errors, creating a safe, confidential and comfortable environment in which all who require help can feel open to communicate the concerns affecting their life.

We achieve this by the underlying belief that by increasing awareness and education of our society on how mental health services operate and work, we can reduce these doubts about mental unrest that plague some members of society.

Our Huntingdale Counselling Services

At Life Resolution we can help clients facing a wide array of Mental Health Issues, providing services to help alleviate problems relating to:


A normal facet of life, anxiety helps us decide what and when we should act and behave. However, anxiety should not be experienced for long durations of time, as it can lead to detrimental side effects within many areas of your life. If you feel you are experiencing undue levels of anxiety, our Psychologist at Life Resolutions Huntingdale can seek to help you with this.


Feelings of consistent and long-term sadness or low mood can be a hard challenge to come to grips with. Furthermore, if you are suffering from uncontrollable and consistent bouts of this disorder please contact us immediately to get assistance.

Other concerns we may assist with:

To view other areas we can help you with, visit Apart from Anxiety and Depression (listed above) we also deal with various other concerns, like Grief and Loss, “Blokes stuff”, Gay and Lesbian issues and FIFO challenges, to name a few. To contact us to make a booking or make an enquiry, please call 1300 668 256

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