Yes, Life Resolutions Huntingdale offer evening appointments on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings at Huntingdale.

The number of sessions you’ll have once you decide to work with us will depend on your issues and the situation you’re in right now as well as what you hope to achieve. On the average, you’ll have five to six sessions, but if you have multiple or in more complex cases, we may needhave more than ten sessions.

Life Resolutions Huntingdale deals with clients ranging from teens to those adults in their 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. However, we do not treat children below 16 years old, but there is no upper age limit.

Yes, we work with couples. We work with couples regardless of whether the relationship is relatively new, or a long-term relationship either with or without children. We also work with couples who have made a blended family. We recognize that same-sex couples might have similar issues to opposite-sex couples, that’s why we also have services for them.

We also recognize that same-sex couples may have additional issues to opposite sex couples. For example, difficulties related to where each half of the couple is in the “coming out” process, or differences in how “out” they are, e.g. at work. Alternatively, there may be issues about whether the families of origin recognize and accept (or the degree of acceptance) that their offspring are in a same sex relationship.

We offer services for a variety of couples, whether legally married or de facto and ensure that their unique relationships are taken care of accordingly.

Yes, we do provide services under Medicare, provider numbers for your GP are; Huntingdale-Thornlie – 4498 226W and; Perth (East) 4498227F

A form with these details can be downloaded from here:

Life Resolutions Huntingdale GP Referral Sept 2019


Yes occasionally. Because of the overhead costs of providing Psychological services and the minimal Medicare rebates (about a third of the fee recommended to run a financially viable business) Bulk-billing can only be provided in limited circumstances.  It is generally recognised that to remain financially viable as a psychologist, we need to limit Bulk-bill clients to about 10% of clients.

However a concession rate of $100 (i.e. a $13.85 Gap payment – you pay $100 and get the Medicare rebate of $86.15 from Medicare into your account soon after) is available for weekday bookings up to and including the 2.30pm booking. (As some people in the workforce, can get to a 4pm booking.)

No, it is not necessary to get a referral from your general practitioner. If you want to seek the services of Life Resolutions Huntingdale, you can come and see us right away. But keep in mind that GP referrals are needed for you to qualify for Medicare rebates.

A form for your GP with Life Resolutions Huntingdale details can be downloaded here:Life Resolutions Huntingdale GP Referral Telehealth. This is not essential, but this is a handy way for you to show to your GP who would want to be referred to and give them the information to assist in making the referral.

Occasionally, we do offer services away from our offices when there are particularly good reasons for doing so. For instance, if you as a client, has limited mobility or we are dealing with a reluctance to go out in public, we can have consultations out of the office.

Yes. The recent changes (November 2017) to Medicare means that for those outside the metropolitan area, services can be provided over the internet. This can also be used for FIFO workers while on-site, (assuming it is possible to get reliable internet services).

Telehealth – Psychologist Services over the Internet.

For those outside the Metro area (including FIFO workers) wanting to have a consultation with a psychologist, it is now possible to have Medicare subsidised sessions, over the internet, subject to a few requirements.

This can work, both for those who normally live in the country, as well as those who do FIFO (Fly-In-Fly-Out) or (Drive-In-Drive-Out) work.

There are a few requirements;

  1. Being in a regional location (broadly speaking) outside the metropolitan area, when the consultation takes place. These are described as Monash Modified Model (MMM) areas 4-7. You can easily check if you are in one of those locations;
  2. Having a GP Mental Health Care Plan in place before the first consultation;
  3. Due to recent changes, there is no longer a need to have an in-person consultation. You can however, still have one if you wish, e.g. if visiting Perth for other reasons. You can easily check if you are in one of those locations via this link and about half way down the right hand side of the page, under the ” Department of Health – custom remoteness classification” heading, select “Modified Monash Model (2015)” having put your address in the section above, that says “Enter full address for best results”.
  4. Being prepared to complete and sign a standard written Telehealth agreement (to cover Professional Indemnity Insurance and emergency requirements) and make payment arrangements;
  5. When the Telehealth consultation takes place, you need to have reliable internet coverage for both sound and video (it cannot be voice alone).

Advantages of Telehealth

After making the necessary arrangements for a GP Mental Health Care plan, and having the initial “intake” consultation there are a number of advantages, like;

  1. Being able to have a Psychologist consultation (e.g. at night or on a Saturday morning) while on site (for FIFO workers) without needing to wait till you are back in Perth;
  2. For other people in the country, you can have a consultation while the children are at school, childcare or in the evening when they’ve gone to bed;
  3. Being able to make an appointment at short notice (as bookings can be made via 24/7) till an hour before the appointment time;
  4. You can have a psychologist consultation without anyone other than your GP knowing about it;
  5. Having the opportunity to work with a bloke with a combination of Psychology training, life experience (over half a century’s) including working in Blue and White-collar settings;
  6. Being able to have a “video” consultation with a professional, who is “a few steps removed” from your own life and may be able to assist you get a different perspective on your situation;

If you think this might be what you want to try (Telehealth isn’t for all people) and you want some more information phone my booking service on 1300 668 256, or email me at

You can phone the booking services on 1300 668 256, or you can book via HealthEngine via the links on this webpage, which will also show actual vacancies.

Professional fees are calculated taking into account the number of factors including the various costs (like professional registration and indemnity insurance, professional supervision, booking fees, rent and other costs,) of providing a professional service. Evening and Saturday morning bookings are charged at a slightly higher rate.

The frozen (till 2020) Medicare rebates cover about half the fee for a standard 50minute plus session.  You might also like to review my blog about “Cost-Benefit of Psychological services. [

Our main office is located at 7 Bronzewing Street, Huntingdale, 6110, just around the corner from Warton Road (about halfway between Garden Street and Forrest Lakes Drive/Huntingdale Road). There is a room at the front of Huntingdale-Thornlie Medical Centre.

We also provide services from our satellite office:

Perth (East) – 305 Pier Street, Perth, 6000, at Pier Street Medical. This is behind the HBF Park (previously known as nib Stadium) close to the corner of Brewer Street and near Lord Street.