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Feel free to love! Love is free!

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Everyone has the right to love, irrespective of  gender, caste, religious belief (or lack of one) or creed. Yet, learning to accept and be comfortable with who you are and to be yourself; despite traditional norms in society’s perception, can be difficult. This process can be especially stressful or tough for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). They can face unique issues when it comes to mental health. The discrimination those from the LGBT community may face could include feelings of pressure from their family and the general public, (even well-intentioned but misguided and futile attempts at “cures” of the homosexuality).  They may still face a stigma surrounding choices about being open about who they are in our modern day society. Due to that, it puts those in the LGBT community at greater risk of emotional health struggles like depression, anxiety, substance abuse and even suicide.

Here are some tips for overcoming this particular stigma:

  • Seek help. If you’re experiencing sadness, anxiety or stress that is interfering with your ability to get things done and live a fulfilling life. Get help from a registered mental health practitioner, it’s the first step towards feeling better.
  • It has nothing to do with you. Remember that others’ reactions (whether positive or negative) to your sexual identity or orientation are not your fault; this says nothing about the person you are. (It says more about the other person.)
  • Join LGBT communities and support groups. To further fight (or reduce the impact of) stigma, it will almost certainly help if you participate in LGBT support or social groups. We can find it via various means, like LGBTI websites, publications and LGBTI related helplines and organisations.

LGBT counselling Huntingdale

The way that anxiety and depression play a part in your life is determined by many factors. Our bodies, predispositions and life experiences all play a role (Including our experience with discrimination and or Homophobia). Our advice for LGBT people seeking help and support with their anxiety or depression is to seek professional help. Confident Gay/Lesbian counselling services are available at our Huntingdale practice. Here our Psychologist can help you cope with your anxiety and depression; or any other presenting issues that come with dealing with this stigma or other issues.

Getting professional help from someone experienced in dealing with the challenges of gay or lesbian life can make this transition much easier. Therefore, at Life Resolutions, we provide professional LGBT counselling Huntingdale to solve all your problem.

We understand that what you’re going through may be difficult – people may be judging you for everything you do. Therefore, some of the time, you may feel isolated from the rest of the world, you don’t have to go through all of this alone. Here at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we assure that your circumstances and longer-term wishes will be taken into account.

If you or someone you know is struggling with issues related to sexuality or pressures of not being accepted by family, friends or community. Then it’s important to speak up and seek out assistance. We can help guide you to develop strong coping skills and help you create a positive social network. LGBT counselling Huntingdale can provide you with excellent services.

Life Resolutions Huntingdale, here we can help you face the problems you may be going through and help you overcome them.

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