Can I get a Medicare Rebate?

If you have been diagnosed or think you are experiencing symptoms associated with a recognised mental health concern (e.g., depression, anxiety, substance use etc.) you may be eligible for a mental health plan. A mental health plan can be arranged by your G.P. Before you visit your G.P it is best if you speak with the psychologist at your first appointment or briefly over the phone so they can provide you with a referral letter to give to your G.P. and let you know if is worthwhile making an application.

Medicare rebates approximately $86.00 for our standard 50 minute consultation. The initial plan is drafted for 6 sessions after which you have to return to the G.P for a review. You may be eligible for a rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

If you are charged a cancellation fee for rescheduling or missing a session, you are not eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Can I get a Private Health Rebate for Counselling?

Many private health funds offer rebates for general psychology on their higher care ‘extra’ packages. Please check with your private health fund provider to find out if you are eligible.

You need to let your practitioner know if you are applying for either Mental Health Plan or Private Health rebates so they can issue the correct invoice for claiming, you can only claim one rebate at a time.

To download the Life Resolutions Huntingdale GP Referral Telehealth form, please click the below link:

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