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Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program

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Committing to a relationship or de-facto relationship is a serious choice for you and your partner (whether of the same or opposite sex). Due to the liabilities and emotional investment associated with such a relationship; the emotional welfare of your children (if applicable), financial stability, careers, and mental health are all potentially at stake if your relationship breaks down.

As such, it is important to take precautions in order to safeguard your relationship and help ensure you can, as far as possible, avoid these types of disruptions.

That being the case, the Life Resolutions Huntingdale Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program can assist you and your partner to deal with these issues you may face and therefore increase the chances of relationship success. Utilized by millions around the world (including same-sex couples), this program identifies the strengths and areas to work on in  your relationship

Once the information about similarities and differences is retrieved via an online assessment (done separately by  each of the two people in a relationship), the information is passed onto the Psychologist.  After that, the couple come in to see the Pschologist to discuss the findings and identify and work on activities to strengthen and enhance the potential for a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Commonly, this program is used for couples to prepare themselves prior to getting married. (It is also sometimes known as a form of “Marriage Education”). However, it can also be used by couples in committed relationships or a long-term marriage, as a way for couples to “tune up” and strengthen  their relationship .

The steps involved in the Prepare-Enrich relationship enhancement program are as follows;

  1. An introductory session to explain the program in detail and complete administrative practicalities like arranging logins to the Prepare-Enrich website and a time and date for the “results” discussion (or more likely, multiple discussions – usually four);
  2. Separately complete an online assessment. Remembering that there are no “Right” or “Wrong” answers and that this is not a “test”
  3. The confidential results are passed onto the psychologist as a basis for extended discussions with the couple, about areas of commonality and areas of difference and for potential growth.
  4. Many aspects of the relationship are covered during the couple’s session (or sessions) with the psychologist.

If you would like to know more about the program or book in Huntingdales Prepare-Enrich relationship program go online to, call 1300 668 256 or book your appointment with our psychologist today

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