Relationship counselling both opposite and same-sex couples

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When you’re married or in a relationship with someone, there could be many things that can go wrong with new challenges to overcome. Often, there can be a lot at stake – especially when children are involved. At Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we understand that relationships are rarely easy and require work. That is why we offer relationship counselling, as we believe in creating strong partnerships that are prepared to face all the challenges of life and love – before they even occur. We stand by the statement that “prevention is better than cure”. This is why we trained to present our Prepare-Enrich® Relationship Enhancement Program. The program has been used by millions of couples worldwide.


Relationship Counselling

Our program targets couples both opposite and same-sex, married, and de-facto that are ready to commit to making their relationship last. We help couples identify their strengths and weaknesses, with a goal to work on any areas that could be improved upon – thereby enriching their relationship. This program has a multitude of benefits, including:

  • promoting honesty and dialogue
  • improving skills through conflict resolution and stress management
  • providing insights and feedback on aspects of your relationship.


These services are extremely popular for couples planning on starting a life together. However, they are equally beneficial to any couple wanting to strengthen their existing connection.


Don’t just wait for the storm to take you by surprise. Make sure you’re prepared and ready to fight for the ones you love. Invest in your relationship today and invest in a long and happy life with your partner.


Are you ready to invest in your most important relationship through our Prepare-Enrich® Enhancement Program or our relationship counselling Huntingdale services? Get in touch with qualified and professional Life Resolutions psychologist, Colin Longworth, at Huntingdale today.


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