Work – life balance, the need to give yourself a digital holiday

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Now more than ever a work-life balance is crucial. Life Resolutions Huntingdale believes January is the perfect time to give yourself a digital holiday.

These days we take our work home with us like never before. In the past our work life was split from this home life purely in its practical nature. Today however, most of us can open our laptop, connect to a WI-FI source and get back to the grind. It’s true this provides many positives like the ability to work on the go, having more efficient processes, and companies being able to expand their resources across the globe. But what this newfound level of access means is we are often buried in our work. Even when we are on a tropical resort many workers are fearing a dodgy WI-FI connection that stops them checking their emails, or their social media feed.

It’s a contentious topic, one that is explored in William Powers’ novel polemic “Hamlet’s Blackberry”. A book that argues we must find a new way to view our technological advancements from a philosophical and spiritual perspective. That we must use these devices more intelligently and intentionally to lead more fulfilling lives in today’s digital age. What’s certain however, is there must be a balance. Having spent most of last year with our eyes fixated on screens (a process we are set to repeat in 2019), it’s time for a break.

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