The Importance of Managing Stress for Workplace Leaders

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As the CEO and founder of Life Resolutions, Jodie Brenton knows a thing or two on the importance of managing stress.

“It seems as though everyone is working longer hours, taking on more responsibility, dealing with more issues, and having to manage more challenges.  All of this takes its toll on everyone, particularly, the people responsible for leading and managing through these challenges and yet, it is these people who need to stay mentally healthy and well to deal with all of the stress and pressures associated in order to provide guidance, help and support to everyone else.” – Jodie Brenton

While workplace stress is often unavoidable, there are practices that you can develop to help manage your stress to ensure that workplace stress does not harm your mental wellbeing or your capacity to perform as a leader.

Tips on managing stress and caring for your mental wellbeing

Mary Magalotti, the principle psychologist at Life Resolutions, and Jodie Brenton have a deep understanding of the importance of managing stress and prioritising your mental wellbeing, especially for leaders in the workplace.

For this reason, they have compiled a list of tips to help professionals to manage their stress.

  • Track your stressors – this could involve keeping a record of your work activities so that you can identify the exact cause of your stress and help you in understanding how to respond to these stressors.
  • Ensure you take breaks – make sure you use a full lunch break to decompress, breath and relax. This will refresh your nervous system and allow you to calm down and release your stress.
  • Take care of your physical wellbeing – eat well, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. This is important in reducing stress and allowing your mind and body to refresh and relax.
  • Plan your time well and set realistic targets – Scheduling is essential in keeping things organised and reducing last-minute, unnecessary stress.
  • Get a hobby – take up an activity that is not work-related and enables you to switch off completely.
  • Take time out – Spend time with friends, family and people outside of work and be mentally present with them. Turn off your phone if possible, and don’t think or talk about work.

If you require further assistance in managing your stress, we recommend you visit one of our dedicated psychologists at Life Resolutions. They can help you to develop practices to manage your stress effectively.

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