About Us

Graeme Rawson Psychology is a team made up of  professional psychologists who have adept educational and professional experience in the industry. We consider our team as mental health practitioners because our services are aimed to address all of our client’s recurring issues while providing them solutions on how they can live a healthier, more meaningful life. Our services have objectives, which will support our client’s mental health because we strongly believe that this affects all facets of our client’s lives.

Graeme Rawson Psychology was established many years ago, and since then our team has become a national group of psychologists who provide a helping hand for people who are in need. Our team of psychologists have been helping different clients from all walks of life who need additional support in their career, relationships and everything in between. Our team is adept at managing different kinds of issues for our clients with whatever they’re going through, and our team can come up with a variety of approaches for solutions for them.

Here at Graeme Rawson Psychology, we’re committed to helping our clients in any way that we can. We strive to ensure that our clients’ problems are fixed whenever they seek our services. We look for to every possible avenue so we can look into the problem carefully so our team can come up with the best solutions tailored-fit for our clients. We don’t give solutions which are too general or too scientific in theory. Instead, we provide our clients with solutions which are effective and can be appropriate for the kind of lifestyle they’re living right now. We take pride in all of the services that we have because we believe that all of our clients deserve to live a happy life.

At Graeme Rawson Psychology, we understand that all of our clients are unique. Two of them might be going through the same problem, but no two can ever have the same experience in dealing with such a problem. How the client suffers because of a problem can never be the same as how another suffers. This is the reason why our solutions are also unique to all of our client’s needs and wants. No matter where our clients are from, what they’re struggling with right now and where they want to head in the future, our team can provide them with the professional psychological advice that they need. Graeme Rawson Psychology can also provide assistance from professionals in order for clients to achieve their short and long-term goals. Regardless of how different and unique our clients are, we believe that everyone has the right to have optimal mental health and live a positive life in the long run.

Our team here at Graeme Rawson Psychology have enough educational and professional experience which can help clients get through any problem that they’re facing at any moment in life. We also have different avenues for clients to easily express their concerns and worries without the fear of judgment. Even if the client has troubles with anxiety, depression, addiction and behavioural issues, we can get the job done professionally and efficiently. We’ll guarantee that as long as clients work with us in the solutions we’ve provided, they can enjoy the results in no time!

Why We’re Different

We know that all of the struggles you’re going through in life are never easy. We understand that often, you might feel that you’re alone and no one actually cares how you are doing. Or you might believe that you’re doing fine when in fact, you are not. You’ll then start to notice the adverse effects of life’s challenges in your career, school, family and other relationships. We take all of these factors once you work with us – and that is one of the reasons why we’re different.

We’ll communicate with you through a pace and avenue you’re comfortable with so we can better understand what you’re going through. You can be at ease talking to our team because we’ll never judge you in any way or think you’re less of a person just because you have problems or issues.

We’ll always be there throughout your entire journey towards recovery to give you a caring, compassionate, nurturing and supportive place to talk about the concerns that you’re having. Here at Graeme Rawson Psychology, we’re more than just your therapists, but we can also work as your friends.

We believe that you’re a strong person and that you can get through any challenges that life throws at you. You have done it in the past, and we’re confident that you can still do the same in the present time. You just probably need a little support and motivation – and this is where our team will be helpful for you. We’ll always be there for you to ensure that you’ll achieve recovery so you won’t be disturbed by these issues again. Once we solve your issues together, you can continue to live a happy life.

Where Are We Located?

Because of our desire to serve you better, we have a variety of services for you to take as your first steps. You don’t have to worry because regardless of what you’re going through, our therapies and psychologists are always present to help you.

We are open daily from Mondays to Saturdays. You can find a schedule that’ll be suitable for you even if you’re working full time or if you have kids to take care of. Our schedule will ensure that you’ll receive the best possible help and care that you need within a timeframe that is convenient for you.

If you’re interested in working with us and you want to book your next appointment, contact us today. No matter how big or small your problem is, we’re more than willing to help you. Talk to us and let us work together with you. Let us help you take the first step towards your long-term recovery.