Addiction You’ve been addicted to drugs for years. You’ve seen how your family did the same, so you never really thought that using drugs was wrong. But now that you’re old enough to think for

Anger Management

Anger Management Most of your loved ones have commented on how uncontrollable you are when you’re angry. They think that most of the time, you tend to be angry even if the situation doesn’t call


Anxiety When you’re called to recite in front of an audience, it’s normal to feel anxious. If you’re waiting for an employer to inform you of your application status, you can get anxious as well.

Child Counselling

Child Counselling Children undergo several changes as they age. How they behaved when they were a toddler and how they behave now they’re teenagers can never be the same. And while you think all of


Depression All human beings in the world feel depressed at times. When things aren’t going according to plan or when someone close to you left the country for good, it’s normal to feel depressed. You’re

Family Counselling

Family Counselling Even if you and your family members are from the same background, there’ll always be instances of disagreements. While some of these agreements can be dealt with by merely talking things out, some