Anger Management

Most of your loved ones have commented on how uncontrollable you are when you’re angry. They think that most of the time, you tend to be angry even if the situation doesn’t call for it. What’s worse is that your anger lasts for days even if the reason behind it is petty. Because of these comments, you start to be concerned about your emotions. You start to question how your anger management is handled.

What Are The Signs Of Anger Management Issues?

Yes, anger is an emotion felt by everyone, but too much of it can be harmful not only to you but to the people around you. To determine if you have anger management issues, consider the points below:

  1. You punch objects when you’re angry: In your defense, this is one way of releasing all of the emotions you’re feeling inside. You feel better whenever you do this. But most of the time, you never notice that you’re actually damaging property until you’re calm again.
  2. You react violently and quickly to small problems: When your officemates spill a cup of coffee on your pants, you insisted on starting a fight with him. You think what they did was wrong and that you should get even.
  3. You’re accusing people of disrespecting you: This includes accusing them of going behind your back and making false statements about you (and usually about your anger management issues) when in reality, none of these things are actually happening.
  4. You find it difficult to calm the feeling of anger: When you’re angry, you’re extremely mad. For you, there’s no such thing as annoyance because you would immediately be angry and once you do, there’s no turning back. It’ll take you days to think straight and be calm again.
  5. You consistently have the same arguments: A few weeks ago, your friends pointed out how you can get angry when someone answers you with a tone you don’t like. The week after that, they talked to you about the same topic. It’s basically like a routine – you’ll be informed of how wrongly you became angry, but afterward, you still do the same.
  6. You feel frustrated with your actions: When you’re at the peak of your emotions, you tend to hit someone or break properties. When you’re calm again and realized the wrong you’ve done, you feel frustrated and regret everything.

If you see yourself guilty in any one of these signs, immediately seek professional help. Don’t think that you’re a helpless case just because you have anger management issues. Instead, think about your well-being so you can be motivated to reach out for help. Regardless of how severe your anger management issues are, there’ll always be professionals who are capable of helping you improve.

How Can We Help You?

Regardless of how you try to control your anger, you can still end up hurting people you love and damaging property. Your anger has been the reason why your career and relationships are slowly taking a turn for the worse, and we understand that. We also know how frustrating it can be that no matter how you try to control your anger, you can still end with the same outcome. You don’t have to worry about those things anymore once you work with us. Here at Graeme Rawson Psychology, we’ll guarantee that we’ll be able to provide solutions which are fast, effective and can pave the way towards your long-term recovery.

When you work with Graeme Rawson Psychology, you’ll be working with professionals who have years of experience in handling a case similar to yours. Our team of trained psychologists can help you through this, so you can be guaranteed that you’re in good hands with us. We’ll work with you to attain the goals that you want.

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