When you’re called to recite in front of an audience, it’s normal to feel anxious. If you’re waiting for an employer to inform you of your application status, you can get anxious as well. Feeling anxious when the situation calls for it, or when you basically don’t know what to expect is normal. The problem begins when you become anxious without any valid reason. You might think that being anxious all the time is harmless, but you’re wrong. Anxiety can have adverse effects on your well-being, which can put your safety and life at risk in the long run.

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Anxiety?

Yes, anxiety is an emotion felt by all human beings, but when you always feel anxious, that’s a whole different story. If you’re curious about how anxiety can affect your well-being, consider the points below:

  1. You can suffer from panic attacks: When anxiety is already in your system, you always have a sense of impending doom even if there’s no reason to feel that way. You can experience troubling physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, chest pains, and even lightheadedness. All of these can hinder you in performing your responsibilities at home or work.
  2. Your behavior will change: And because you worry too much that something bad will happen to you, you could end up turning down invitations from friends. You’ll experience emotional and social withdrawal and isolation. If ever you get to spend time with other people, you’re always irritable, and you can’t stand to be around them.
  3. Your health will deteriorate: When you’re anxious for an extended period, you’ll have trouble sleeping, you can experience fatigue, and you’ll also develop unexplained physical ailments. All of your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle won’t help when you have anxiety.
  4. Your flight or fight response will be affected: Your flight and fight response is essential for you to act fast whenever you’re in danger. When you feel anxious or stressed, your brain floods your system with hormones and chemicals which are designed to help you respond to a threat. This is something beneficial short-term, but excessive anxiety and stress can be harmful to you.
  5. Your immune system will weaken: Short-term anxiety can boost your immune system. But when you feel anxious all the time, your immune system is compromised and can weaken over time. Anxiety can become the reason why your immune system can no longer fight off bacteria, viruses, and other illness. Vaccines may also be less effective for you.

If you think you have anxiety, talk to a professional right away. Never disregard anxiety as this might progress into worse conditions. The longer you wait, the harder it is to seek intervention for your situation right now.

How Can We Help You?

Being anxious all the time is never your intention. If you could, you’d rather be calm all the time so you can continue functioning as an individual, but anxiety got the best of you. We know that this has been your struggle for a long time, and we’re more than willing to help. Here at Graeme Rawson Psychology, we’ll provide you approaches that are suited for the situation and the lifestyle you have right now. Regardless of how anxiety has impacted your life, we can work with you to make the situation better.

Our team is made of trained psychologists so you can be assured that your case is taken care of by the experts. Once you work with Graeme Rawson Psychology, you’ll never have to worry about your anxiety being the only focus on your life; we’ll help you live a better life without worrying about uncertainties. Our solutions are tailored-fit for your case, making it easier and faster for you to recover.

Where is Our Anxiety Service Located?

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