Child Counselling

Children undergo several changes as they age. How they behaved when they were a toddler and how they behave now they’re teenagers can never be the same. And while you think all of these changes are caused by adolescence, you can be wrong. As a parent, you should be wary of how your child is doing because if you don’t, they might have serious issues and you may not even realise it. This is where child counselling should come into the picture.

Signs Your Child Needs Counselling

You might not know it, but your child may actually need child counselling – and maybe you’re just putting the signs aside to think that all of the changes happening to your child are normal. To help you come up with a sound decision, consider the signs below to determine if your child needs counselling:

  1. Your child is having trouble at home, school, and beyond: This can include your child having trouble managing their emotions, so they end up misbehaving across the board – your child starts talking back to their teachers at school, or they’ve been hitting their siblings without any reason at all.
  2. Your child is suddenly isolating themselves from their friends: Whenever their playmates call them to play outdoors, your child would choose to stay in their room alone. You’re unsure as to why this is happening as your child is usually outgoing and friendly.
  3. Your child is regressing: When there’s a new baby in the house, it’s usual to see your child regress as this is probably one of the major changes in their life. But things like clingy behavior, bedwetting, whining and excessive fears for a month or when changes didn’t take place, can signal a problem.
  4. Your child is always worried and sad: When your child is still young, they can cry when things go wrong or when their demands aren’t met. But when these emotions become the focal point of their life that they no longer want to attend school or take care of themself, something might be wrong.
  5. Your child talks about death or thinks about it frequently: Death is inevitable, and it’s okay if your child talks about this once in a while. But when this topic doesn’t fade for a long period, this is already a red flag. Your child is still young and shouldn’t stress so much about the concept of death.

If you’ve ticked at least one of these signs, it’s enough to tell you that your child really needs child counselling. Don’t wait for months before doing anything as this might have adverse effects on your child already.

How Can We Help You?

We know that as a parent, you would only want the best for your child. And if only you could, you would want to be with them 24/7 just to ensure that they’re safe from any kind of danger. We understand and respect your point of view as a parent; that’s why here at Graeme Rawson Psychology, we thrive so your child can only experience the best out of life.

Regardless of how simple or serious your child’s problems are, we’re more than equipped to solve all of this. We’ll be providing mediums which will allow your child to communicate with us better so we can determine the problem and provide solutions, which are specially made for them. We’ll only give you and your child tailored-fit solutions so you can be at ease knowing that these will work.

Our team at Graeme Rawson Psychology are made up of trained psychologists, which means that we can get the job done no matter what your child’s age is and what issues they may be having right now. Our team will work hand in hand with you so your child can pave the way for their recovery faster.

Where is Our Child Counselling Service Located?

We are conveniently located 5/66 Station Road, Indooroopilly, QLD 4068.

To find out how we can help call today on 1300668256