All human beings in the world feel depressed at times. When things aren’t going according to plan or when someone close to you left the country for good, it’s normal to feel depressed. You’re entitled to have this emotion, and it’s actually a good outlet to let go of all the negativities you’re feeling. But when depression has become the focal point of your life, and you feel sad too frequently without any reason, problems might start to arise. What’s worse is, you might know that you’re already a victim of depression.

What Are The Signs Of Depression?

Most people would deny the fact that they’re already depressed – and you could be one of them. To determine if you have already developed depression over time, consider the signs below:

  1. You always have feelings of helplessness and hopelessness: Even if there’s nothing really wrong with your life, you usually see yourself in one corner, thinking that nothing will ever get better and there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation even with other people’s’ help.
  2. You’ve lost the interest to do anything: You always loved baking before, but the same activity doesn’t excite you as much. You don’t even care about other hobbies, pastimes, and even sex. You don’t know how to have fun, and you don’t mind if other people tagged you as someone who’s boring.
  3. You have appetite and weight changes: Most of your friends have noticed how you lost weight drastically. For you, everything is normal, but other people start to show concern of how skinny you are.
  4. You’ve experienced change in your sleeping patterns: You can no longer remember when you had a good night’s sleep because the moment you lay in bed, your mind is filled with thoughts of “what’s ifs.” You’re worried about things that aren’t even happening and thinking of possible solutions once these happen. In short, you spend your night time overthinking about uncertainties.
  5. You’re always angry and irritable: Even if someone didn’t do anything to you, you’re irritated by their actions or their mere presence. You have low tolerance for other people, your temper is short, and you’re often violent.
  6. You’ve been self-loathing: Because of a simple mistake you committed weeks ago, you can never forgive yourself. You think you’re the most worthless person in the world. You criticize yourself for all faults and mistakes in the past and never allowing yourself to breathe.

If you’ve experienced at least one of these signs for at least two weeks now, you should seek professional help right away. Don’t wait for your depression to worsen as this can affect your career, relationships and even you’re mental health. If you’ve noticed that depression is already eating you up, act immediately and reach out for help.

How Can We Help You?

Depression is a serious matter. Simply telling yourself to “get over it” won’t help – and we truly understand this. We also know that what you’re going through is tough, but we believe that there are better ways on how to manage your depression. If you decide to work with us at Graeme Rawson Psychology, we can guarantee that we’ll continually seek approaches on how we can help you deal with your depression.

Regardless of how simple or severe your depression is, our team of trained psychologists are more than willing to help you. You can be comfortable in sharing all of your innermost thoughts to us as we’ll never judge you in any way. Instead, we’ll be using all of that information to aid you in your recovery and to determine what type of help we can possibly provide for your situation.

Where is Our Depression Service Located?

We are conveniently located 5/66 Station Road, Indooroopilly, QLD 4068.

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