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Confronting your mental health problems truly is a courageous feat. However, we also understand the difficulty that usually comes with discussing your mental health issues with people you know in person. At Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling, we aim to change the general public’s perception of mental health by applying a client-based approach where we ensure that every single client who walks through our office gets welcomed with a safe and comfortable environment where they can share their mental health concerns without any fear of harsh judgment. After all, we want our clients to walk out of our office feeling better about themselves compared to when they first went in and sought our help.

Each of our clients experience a mental health condition differently to others. We, therefore, make sure to lend an ear to every case that comes our way so we can give them the right approach and treatment that’s tailor-fit to their specific needs. Our psychologists are highly trained to handle various mental health concerns individually instead of lumping two or more clients together in a single group and trying to expedite the entire treatment process. The vast array of services that we offer is backed by scientific evidence and rigorous research as well. So by availing of any of the services we offer at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling, you’ll get only quality treatment for your mental health problems.

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Here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling, we believe that everyone has the right to good mental health so they can achieve living life the way they should live it. This vision that’s ingrained into each of our psychologists helps us stay in line with our mission of making sure that each of our clients get the best possible treatment for any mental health concerns that they have. Our client-based approach allows us to share with you approaches both traditional and alternative that may work best in curing your mental health problems so that you can reach your goals in life without any hindrances coming from your mind.

Our mental health staff is driven by their commitment to helping people who are currently suffering from depression, anxiety, debilitating addictions, and anger management problems, to name but a few. The hands-on approach that our psychologists often use for each of our clients lets you easily open up about your mental health concerns and finally relieve yourself of the burden that’s been weighing you down for the longest time already. If you feel anyone you know might judge or even laugh at you the minute you spill your mental health problems out to them, you should go to our office instead where we’ll help you little by little until you become mentally well.

We Aren’t Afraid to Address any Mental Health Concerns

At Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling, we aren’t afraid to address any mental health concerns. After all, with more and more people experiencing some form of mental health problems given that we’re now living in a technologically-driven and fast-paced society, we want to ensure that the treatments and approaches that we’re using to help our clients’ mental health concerns are in keeping with the times. We won’t hesitate at all to try using novel approaches from time to time if they’ll help our clients overcome their mental health problems. We don’t stick to only what medical textbooks and psychology journals are telling mental health professionals to do.

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At Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling we want to help you. You can take comfort in knowing that we’re more than willing to hear anything you have to say or talk about in regards to your mental health concern – or even anything else that you feel like sharing. In fact, it’s best to think of every session that you’ve scheduled with any of our psychologists as less of a doctor-patient conversation and more of a heart-to-heart talk between two friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time. However, we also respect your right to privacy, so we aren’t in any position to interrogate you about any information that you’re reluctant to share with us.

We also don’t pre-select the clients that go to our offices every day or ask any of our mental health staff to choose which client they believe they should have a session with us on a certain day. Everyone is welcome here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling  no matter what your gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, political belief, or financial standing. So no matter how small or big your mental health concern may be, you can give us a call and let our customer service staff talk to you. They’ll then assign you a mental health professional who you feel like talking to, and once you’ve made your choice, you can talk to your chosen psychologist directly so they’ll get to know you better. No matter what life throws at you, with help you can get through it. Call us today to schedule your appointment.