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It’s more than just therapy

What drives us to do our work on a daily basis is a deep rooted interest in mental-health. My journey as a therapist started long before ever becoming a psychologist while trying to figure out myself as a daughter, wife and mother. My therapy training was often guided by what was going on in my life – how do I parent my adolescents? How do I deal with my partner’s mid life career change?

As the principal psychologist I was raised in Sydney and spent over twenty years gaining therapy and counselling experience in corporate, educational and private practice settings. I have spent several years of my adult life living outside of Australia, most recently in SE Asia where I worked with an aid agency which has given me a different perspective on life all aspect of life.

What keeps me and my team energised is enabling and supporting those who come to us seeking a change in their lives.

Our Approach

It's all about getting the right support for you when you need it.

Life throws us the  hard stuff such as work and family relationships tumbling out of control or our moods and stress that just hang around.  Then we may need help to handle some of the issues. Working with a trained psychologist can help because it is done in a neutral and safe environment. Sometimes change occurs by just being heard and valued by your therapist. It is good to talk.

About Life Resolutions

A bit about us

Life Resolutions Kingsford is located in the vitality of a university, medical, multicultural and coastal community  in a hub where the inner west moves over to the eastern suburbs. We are located in Gardeners Road near the big roundabout, parking is free and we are open six days a week  (Mon- Fri) for extended hours (8.00am -10.00pm). We are a team of five psychologists and one counsellor/mediator providing high quality counselling and psychological services to our local community. Between us we address anxiety, depression, addictions, anger management, eating disorders, couple and family distress, ADHD, autism and medico-legal issues for individuals, families and couples.

To find out more about our specific l counselling programmes in Kingsford, please call 1300 668 256.