Sometimes we find ourselves trapped by behaviours we can’t control, even though what we do is adversely affecting our relationships, productivity, health and well-being. To understand addictive behaviour is to recognise that is often a symptom of underlying emotional discomfort.

We try to manage both emotional and physical pain by distraction or repression with a substitute activity. This coping can become a habit that takes over. Some of our addictive behaviours are out in the open and some can be hidden from everyone.

There are substance addictions such as drug and alcohol, and activity addictions around spending, pornography, gambling, our sexuality and internet use inclusive of games and social media.

To break such a behavioural pattern, the majority of people need professional help, usually in the form of individual counselling. At this point, it’s time to talk to Life Resolutions Kingsford about addiction counselling.

How do we know there is a problem?

  • We start and continue to shirk responsibilities at home and work.
  • Our relationships start to sour
  • It is hard to give up the behaviour even though we might have tried.
  • We have convinced ourselves that we don’t either have a problem and/or we can “stop it at any time we choose”.
  • This is our new “normal” or ok state when using the substance or performing the activity
  • We experience withdrawal symptoms both physical and emotional when we can’t get to our substance or activity fix.
  • We needing ever increasing doses of the substance/activity  to get the same effect
  • So much of our time is spent servicing and planning the support for our habit.
  • We start to need it to just get through our life.

How to overcome addiction

To understand our addictive behaviours we must identify what the emotional payoff is for us. For most it is about managing our emotional discomfort.

To identify this and then know what triggers our pain is the first vital step of mastery. To take away a behaviour that helps us to cope without replacing it with healthy strategies does not work.

Your psychologist will work with you to discover what starts our behaviour and maintains it. We work together and find a range of helpful coping ideas that enable you to be in charge.

Addictions we treat:

  • Drug Addiction both prescription and illicit.
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Porn Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Internet Addiction including gaming and social media
  • Gambling Addiction

Medicare Rebates

The Australian Government’s Better Access to Medical Health Care scheme ensures people can receive Medicare rebates for psychological treatment by registered psychologists.

With this financial assistance, the government aims to give people with mental health problems better access to the treatment they need.

To access the Medicare Rebate, you need your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician to complete a detailed mental health assessment and prepare a Mental Health Treatment Plan before referring you to a psychologist.

You may be eligible to receive Medicare rebates immediately into your bank account when paying for your session by cash, credit card, EFTPOS or cheque at all Life Resolutions locations.

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Where is Our Addictions Service Located?

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