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At any given time approximately 10% of the world’s population is experiencing mild insomnia.

If you find that you are regularly unable to sleep, or that even if you do fall asleep you wake up not long after then you may be suffering from insomnia. Here at Life Resolutions Kingsford, we specialise in treating this and helping you get the sleep you need.

Sleep is crucial for our health and wellness. Without it our brain cannot restabilise its chemical balances. This results in both our long and short-term memory being negatively impacted. It has a similar effect on our concentration and mood as without sleep we cannot think creatively and regulate our emotions which may also lead to a higher risk of anxiety and depression. The other side of this coin is all the wonderful positive effects a healthy amount of sleep can give us.

Benefits of sleep:

  • Keeps our immune system working
  • Reduces our diabetes risk
  • Controls our brain functions and restores our memory
  • Keeps our hearts and blood vessels healthy
  • Helps repair damaged muscle tissue
  • Decreases our blood pressure & risk of heart disease
  • Helps control our body temperature and metabolic process
  • Helps regulate our appetite and weight while controlling our glucose levels

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