Eliza Munro


Eliza has a deep commitment to working collaboratively with people to develop new insights and positive changes in their lives. Her therapeutic approach is flexible, and she treats her clients with unconditional positive regard to create a trusted and safe therapeutic alliance that values people's strengths, uncovers their resilience, generates new perspectives and possibilities and connects people to what is meaningful in their lives.

Eliza is also a Yoga Teacher with a special interest in mindfulness. She has seen first-hand how this practice can regulate arousal, reduce anxiety and generate new thinking patterns. She draws on her own daily meditation practice to assist people to build self-awareness, explore the connection between their body and mind, embrace self-acceptance and develop a deeper, more satisfying quality of life.

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Michelle Fox

General Psychologist

Michelle is a Senior Psychologist with experience in depression, anxiety, relationships and a strong focus on self-esteem, transforming limiting thoughts and beliefs and discovering meaning and purpose in one’s life. Michelle works in both private practice and in the corporate sector, providing a depth of experience across personal and work-related issues. Michelle is experienced in dealing with critical incidents and has experience in supporting individuals and groups in the after math of grief and trauma. Michelle has a holistic approach and incorporates positive psychology, mindfulness, CBT, coaching and other techniques that suit the client’s needs and goals. Michelle is warm, engaging, insightful and likes to provide her clients with a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment to assist on their path towards inner peace, navigating challenging times and personal growth.

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Lynette De Salis

Principal Psychologist MAPS

I was raised in Sydney, went to UNSW, but have spent several years of my adult life living outside of Australia, most recently in SE Asia where I worked with an aid agency and grew to love humidity, jungles and geckoes running up my walls.

I am still committed to figuring out my husband after all these years and remembering all the birthdays of our six children. But what keeps me energized is enabling those people who want change in their lives and supporting those who need to be heard and valued.

I formally do this as a trained psychologist with over 20 years of therapy and counselling experience in corporate, educational and private practice settings.

My fields of expertise and experience are assessment and support of educational and developmental childhood disorders; family, couple and relationship counselling; substance and behavioural addiction treatment; and industrial rehabilitation.

The clinical issues I have dealt with for both adult and children are anxiety, depression, adjustment, bereavement, anger management, gender confusion and adult/child attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism and fertility issues including post-abortion.

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Nicolee Beaumont

Master of Psychology (Clinical), Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Nikki is passionate about her work and takes an empathic, individual and non-judgmental approach to helping people. She likes to provide a safe and supportive space for people to discuss their difficulties, but also manages to share a laugh with clients. She is qualified as both a psychologist and psychotherapist and has had experience working with a variety of emotional, psychological and general life difficulties.

Nikki’s workplace experience has involved a range of populations including sex workers, those with drug and alcohol addiction, transgender populations, as well as generally well-functioning and successful individuals with a desire to be more effective in some aspect of their life.

Nikki has provided therapy on an individual and group level, working with those experiencing anxiety, social anxiety, panic, depression, grief, anger,communication & relationship difficulties, and those hearing voices. Nikki also has an interest in childhood trauma, attachment difficulties, PTSD, and secrets, including secret relationships and occupations.

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Kathryn Humby

Registered Psychologist

Kathryn is a general psychologist with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in Psychology from the University of Sydney. She has training in cognitive behaviour therapies and in facilitating neurofeedback training, which can be combined into a powerful intervention for improving mental health and functioning. Kathryn is always learning and improving her skills.

Kathryn displays a non-judgemental support for people, helping them to work on the issues they feel most important. Also holding a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wollongong, Kathryn has insight into the business world and so can appreciate the challenges of people in business, including business owners, managers and employees.

Kathryn connects well with children and teenagers, and really enjoys empowering young people with the skills and resources they need to tackle life’s challenges.

Kathryn has a heart for older Australians and enjoys helping older people live meaningful lives. She also volunteers for Lifeline Australia providing crisis support to callers.

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Peter De Salis

Conflict Management Specialist Post Graduate Diploma in Theology (MTC)

One of Peter’s greatest joys in life is helping people to resolve relationship conflicts. He has been working in conflict resolution and counselling for more than 20 years and has a wealth of both learning and diverse life experience to draw on.

Peter was raised on a sheep, wheat and cattle station near Canberra. He has spent over 10 years in tertiary study in a variety of different fields and has lived some 11 years of his life outside of Australia in Europe, the USA and S.E. Asia.

The main areas of Peter’s working life have been :

- an actor in theatre, film, TV and radio both in Australia and overseas,

- owning & managing 3 restaurants, a catering business & a cooking school.

- senior minister of Christian churches both in Australia and in Asia.

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