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We’re hiring!

With so much uncertainty in the world, our fellow Australian’s need mental health support now more than every. With this growing demand, we are looking to bring a few more team members onto our team. As the needs are so broad we are recruiting for a provisional psychologist job in Melbourne, a registered or clinical psychologist job in Melbourne as well a a Telehealth psychologist job Australia wide.

We offer attractive and flexible employment conditions for individuals who share our business principles and enthusiasm for helping people to improve their lives.


Psychologists in Knox

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Our Focus

Our director Jodie Brenton and Life Resolutions team focus on achieving our goal; a happier and healthier Australia. Life Resolutions believes that every problem has a solution. The solutions can come in all shapes and sizes, we help you figure out which one is right for you.

Do you experience mental or emotional challenges and struggles? Are you feeling stressed or depressed? We are here for you. Our psychologists Knox are here to support your specific needs by tailoring personalized counselling and therapy sessions. We ensure you receive the best possible help within 48 hours.

We understand that it is not always easy to talk about your feelings, problems or challenges in life. We know that opening up to family and friends can sometimes seem very overwhelming as you don’t know how they will react or if they will share this information with others. That’s why we provide private and 100% confidential counselling and therapy sessions. Know that you can feel comfortable and safe when having a Knox psychologist service at Life Resolutions. Providing an all-listening and non-judgemental ear.

Everyone has the right to access mental health services and everyone should be able to so at any time. This is what we provide at the highest level.

Mary Magaloti 

Jodie Brenton 

Our Approach

Making an appointment

So what is it like to see a psychologist at Life Resolutions Knox? It all starts with one phone call.

Call the number on this page or us the contact form and you’ll quickly be in contact with one of our caring receptionists. Our receptionists care about you in the same way that we and our psychologists do. With a clinical approach, you can feel comfortable briefly explaining why you would like to see one of our psychologists.

The receptionist will pair you with a professional who specializes in caring for your specific needs and challenges. This way you can receive the best possible help.

After booking your first appointment with the receptionist, you’ll receive a follow-up text message with a small brief about your appointment.

Prior to your appointment with the psychologist Knox, the psychologist will give you a quick intro call. This way you’ll know who you’ll be talking to before the appointment. If you have any questions regarding your booking, this is a great time to ask the psychologist anything that comes across your mind.

During your first appointment, your personalized journey to a brighter future will begin. The psychologist will spend this time getting to know you, listening to your individual needs and tailoring future session to best fit them. The psychologist will let you know how many sessions you will require if you need further support.

About Life Resolutions

We are here for you

Life Resolutions is a trusted healthcare provider. With long-established roots in psychology services, we have practices all over Australia and 4 practices in and around the area of Knox, Essendon, Werribee, Preston. One of our Knox psychologists will always be available to you at a moments notice. It’s our priority to match you with a psychologist within 48 hours of first contact with our receptionists. Ensuring your needs are met as soon as possible.

Our psychologists are fully registered and qualified.

Life Resolutions Knox goal is to provide you with the healthier and happier life that you deserve.

You’re already here, take the next step and call us now on 1300 668 256