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We know that the most difficult hurdle that anyone can face while trying to get better is talking about the different issues that you’re facing. Our team here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling can give you an environment that’s full of care and understanding. We desire that you’ll feel comfortable and at home with us to feel free to talk about everything that’s bothering you.

We know that every single person is unique and has unique wants and needs. We know that methods of treatment are not a one-size-fits-all solution; thus we personalize our procedures for each of client. We’ll listen to your different concerns and start working from there.

Our top priority is to give you the assurance that we can provide you with the best plan there is. We’ll help you tackle any kind of problems that you’re currently dealing with. We’ll match you with a psychologist who can cater to your needs and work with you in achieving your goals.

Finding Your Inner Light

Our team here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling believes in the power of everyone to find their inner light and make a huge difference in their lives and the lives of others. As such, our brand of psychological care involves not just providing therapy and guidance, but also a kind of unique care that allows us to help you acquire the skills you need to make the kind of difference you want in your life.

Meeting Your Needs And Dreams

Here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling, we understand that sometimes life’s troubles are taking a huge toll on the way we live our lives as individuals. Sometimes, despite wanting to take therapy, we opt not to because we have dreams and aspirations that might be compromised while undertaking mental health care. However, our team wants to be the service that proves to you that undertaking mental health care doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your dreams. In fact, we take into consideration your wants aside from your needs from us, as we take our approach to treatment with a client-focused approach.

Our unique client-focused approach means not only do we assess your woes and concerns from a psychological perspective, we take into account the various elements that might be involved in your entire concern. These include the people around you and your environment, your upbringing, current trends, and even developments in the field of psychological care.

As such, methodologies and treatment for you will be tailored according to your needs and goals. This also means we don’t just “choose” treatment methods that worked for others, but we make a unique program exclusively for you based on options that are thoroughly-researched and reviewed. We won’t let your life’s problems hinder you from growing to be the best person you can become.

A Comfortable, Private, Secure Space

Our Approach

Our team here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling understands that seeking professional help is a huge step towards making your life brighter and better in the long run. We also know that this can be quite the terrifying step, as acknowledging you need help is quite different from actually taking steps towards managing your woes. As such, we are fully aware that sometimes communicating your concerns can be quite difficult, and we hope to make this much easier for you thanks to our offices’ nature of being comfortable, private, and secure.

We want to be your safe space. Aside from undergoing therapy and learning various strategies on coping with your issues, we want to be the place where you feel comfortable, the same way you can be comfortable in your own room, or your favorite coffee shop. We want the brand of health care we give you to be the kind that emphasizes a welcoming environment devoid of judgment, prejudice, and worries.

The Power of Relationships

Here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling, we don’t just see our team of psychologists and therapists “helping” you and our clients manage their worries in life. We want to take psychological care to the next level, and as such our unique brand of mental health care ensures that our therapists and psychologists take their time to know you and form a relationship with you in order to help you maximize the kind of services that we offer.

We believe in the power of client-therapist relationships - that we shouldn’t make our clients feel as though they’re alone in their journey, and that our therapists are just invisible “voices” that tell them what and what not to do. Rather, we want to make our clients - and hopefully you - feel our support every step of the way. When we say we’re going to give you that helpful nudge so you can achieve a better and brighter life, we want to be the helping hand who does that with you. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients achieve their dreams.

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About Life Resolutions

One of our company’s central principle is that everyone who lives in Australia has a privilege to know that they’re valued, worth the time, and has serenity in their existence. Everyone here at Gnadenfrei Professional Psychology & Counselling knows that every person, young or old, and man or woman, may at some time in their existence need to get support, advice, and assistance from a professional. It’s our goal to help everyone who comes to us for help whether to overcome grief, depression, life’s hurdles, or addiction.

If you feel as though life’s worries and concerns are starting to feel too overwhelming to bear and overcome, then please do feel free to give us a call. We stand by in our belief that you have the power to make a big difference in your life, and perhaps even to the lives of others. We want to make sure you get yourself the right tools and the right training you need in order to take this opportunity and make your life much better and much brighter in the years to come.

We’re here to help you. Call today to book your next appointment to a better future.