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When we talk of mental health, not only do we talk about our issues and concerns, but also of the various things outside mental health that can affect our overall being. Sometimes, we tend not to share our concerns with others – even friends, family, and peers – out of fear of judgment or prejudice. This is a reality that is sometimes still true today, and this can be part of the reasons why talking to a therapist can be a big no-no to some. We at Life Resolutions hope to change this outlook through our client-based approach as we strive to provide an atmosphere of care to our clients that could hopefully guide them to their path to a better and more fulfilled life.

We at Life Resolutions apply our client-based approach primarily because we believe in the power of our clients – that sometimes we wander from the path to a happier life, but we never get fully lost. Sometimes we just need that helpful nudge which, in the form of therapy, methods and techniques, could help us find our way to a more meaningful life.

At Life Resolutions, we use a variety of techniques that are tailored to our clients to ensure their treatment corresponds to their goals for both long-term and short-term periods, which means we focus on what clients need and the kind of treatment that goes with their plans.

Our client-centered approach is something we continuously take pride in as this constantly motivates us to push our quality of care above and beyond its limits. Our team is constantly in training and is dedicated to researching the latest trends and best practices in various psychological fields so that we can always find the method that works best for our clients.

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Our objective as members of Life Resolutions is to make sure your dreams are achieved with the best kind of care fit for your needs. Whether it's recovering relationship problems, addiction, anxiety, or depression, we are here and our skills are at your disposal.

We have helped many clients from all backgrounds and demographics. Our therapists have assisted a lot of clients to deal with issues related to substance abuse, relationships, trauma, depression, anger, and anxiety.

We are committed to finding methods and programs for you to gain insight towards achieving your dreams. This is regardless if you’re going through something with yourself, work, relationship, friends, and family. We want to give you an assurance that someone within our team of therapists are more than capable of getting your problem solved.

Equipped and Ready for You

Life Resolutions is comprised of trained and skilled psychologists and counsellors who can provide a wide range of therapy and psychological treatments for families, children, couples, and adults. We believe counselling can help us, especially as we all go through difficult times at some points in our lives.

We want to be able to offer you assistance for what you may see or think is an insurmountable situation, but can end up with you acquiring the skills to be able to achieve your goals in a matter of weeks or even months. This is one of the most endearing things we get to see as psychologists because we help you find a way to find a solution to your problems.

Some may need just a number of sessions for us to assist them in resolving their personal concerns. Some want programs built for longer periods to better resolve repeated issues. We use a wide variety of techniques, methods, and strategies that not only could help clients cope with their issues now, but can also help them deal with these issues in the long run. We understand that these aspects of a mental health issue cannot be compromised, so we try our best to ensure all our treatment methods are tailored to these needs.

As such, we aim to do this in an environment that is not only safe and comfortable for our clients, but also a space where they can share their issues and learn about them as well. We believe that knowing your problems and what causes them can greatly aid in understanding just how our methods and solutions work in solving them.

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About Life Resolutions

Our team here at Life Resolutions started in 1993 and is continuously growing. Our partner practice in Landsborough has therapists and psychologists equipped with the skills to assist the elderly, families, children, couples, and adults in their everyday issues. Our goal is to assist our clients to face challenges head on equipped with the skills to improve their quality of life.

Perhaps the most endearing part of being a therapist is understanding and seeing that we can make a big change and have a positive impact to someone's overall well-being. These circumstances can have long-term effects to individuals, and we find inspiration to keep doing what we do whenever we see the change we help our clients achieve.

This philosophy has been something we’ve been following for more than a decade, and this is something that we keep on using to motivate the work we’ve been doing. Our priority is to our clients, and we make sure the treatment they get will work not only during our sessions, but outside as well. Our attention to detail and care ensures that our clients only get the best kind of treatment we provide.

We see ourselves as mediators that can instill positive change in our clients. Our goals is to be able to help you see that you are more than capable of making a positive change to your life. We can help you achieve your dreams in an environment that is built for care, and there’s no problem that is too relevant or irrelevant for us. However, if you want the program that can last for a long time, we can talk about building a more efficient program for you as well.

We have also recently become a part of the Life Resolutions National Network, and we continue to coordinate with various initiatives and organizations to provide support in the community. We also coordinate with counsellors, lawyers, doctors and other healthcare professionals in order for us to give the best in care to our clients.