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One step at a time

Our practice has a team of female and male psychologists who can provide counselling to children and adults. We provide therapy to assist you. Our belief is that we all go through difficult times at some point. Psychologists find it rewarding to assist clients through their challenges, and working towards their personal goals. We aim to help in dealing with changes in your life, to aim to improve your life, no matter how big or small your challenge is. Seeing small changes and progress in clients is rewarding both for the therapist and the client.

We have been providing psychological services to the local areas of Liverpool and Leichardt since 2010 as Psychology Intervention Practice. The Practice has continued to grow and has now expanded to Life Resolutions Liverpool. We have 4 consultation rooms in a private setting. We continue to network with local businesses to provide the best care in the community. We liaise with solicitors, school psychologists, rehabilitation providers, doctors, psychiatrists and other health professionals to provide overall care for the client.

Our Approach

Beyond the therapy session

We also assist with legal matters by conducting court reports for solicitors, including Work Cover reports, Motor Vehicle (CTP), and immigration reports.

We have qualified Mediators in our practice and are able to provide Mediation for your workplace or personal issues. We have seen small matters escalate in huge legal matters which end up costing all parties a large sum. Mediation is often a better solution and far more cost effective.

We also provide workshops for your organisation and school setting for your staff. We are also able to provide schools with group workshops for the children and provide materials on various issues.


About Life Resolutions

Some useful details

5 Psychologist and 4 specialised rooms that cater for

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Groups

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursdays 8.30 am to 9:00pm.
  • Fridays 9am to 6pm.
  • Saturday 9am to 3pm.

We can also provide

  • Range of reports for legal matters or solicitors,
  • Work place mediation
  • Workshops for a range of groups