Business Coaching

Having made the leap from being a 9-5 employee to owning your own business independently or in partnership, you’ve entered the ranks of becoming either an entrepreneurial failure or a confident success.

Now the question is how do you stay alive as a new business owner? After all, you have your business and marketing plans, you may have hired the best people you could afford, and perhaps even rented out some CBD office space.

There comes a point where stagnation sets in. You can take yourself only so far without the help of others. Hey, it happens. Consider it part of the business lifecycle. Starting a business is one thing, and running it is another.

No matter what stage your business is at, a business coach can make you work harder and progress faster than you would on your own. From providing a much-needed ego check to helping expand your network, a business coach can give you both the tools and perspective you need to go from point A to point B.

How can Business Coaching help you?

  • Brainstorming: Collective minds bring about brilliance. Sometimes it takes a new perspective to see an existing connection, and break through being stuck.
  • Bounce Ideas: A personal sounding board with zero judgement, but 100% motivation to help you turn your ideas into achievable goals, and make more money along the way.
  • Accountability: Alone, your targets waiver, together, you become accountable for your achievements.
  • Comfort: Pushing you to step outside your comfort zone, challenging you without fear and helping you grow personally and professionally.
  • Relationship: Developing intimate knowledge of you and your business, and giving you dedication and the best of a fresh perspective, as best a confidante can.

When you know you’re overwhelmed, you need to speak to someone but don’t know who, you know what to do but just don’t do it, and aren’t getting the results you want, and want to save money and time, then call our Customer Services Team on 1300 668 256 for more information on how to book in for business coaching.


What are the Benefits of a Business Coach?

You might still be in doubt on why you should sign-up for business coaching, but it can benefit your business in more ways than one.

  • You can receive advice and shortcuts: Business coaches have been in the business industry for years. They can share to you what tools can work for you, based on their professional experience.
  • You can step out from your comfort zone: When no one guides you on what to do, you tend to stick to things which you think will work well. Business coaches will push you to go out from your box and will encourage you to try out new things.
  • You can have a business best friend: It always feels good when you have someone you can talk to for hours and just discuss business – and a business coach can be just that.
  • You can earn more money: You started a business because you think it’s one way of earning a profit, right? Your business coach will create a strategy applicable to your business which you can use and hone to reach your targets.

How We Can Help You

Regardless of how young or what your business is all about, Life Resolutions in the Macquarie Park will help you in achieving your goals. We understand that starting a business is a chance you’re taking, and we’ll be there to guide you through the entire process. Our psychologists are trained professionals who will be communicating with you to learn more about the situation and factors to be considered so we may provide you with the best possible options for your business. We ensure that our solutions are tailored-fit for your needs.

Give Your Business The Edge

If you’re interested to know more about business coaching and the services we can offer you for the success of your business, get in touch today. We will present various options for you, depending on your needs and issues at hand. We’re ready to help you grow your business towards success. Call Now!

Where is Our Business Coaching Service Located?

We are conveniently located Located at the Myhealth Macquarie Medical Centre, Shop 456 (Level 4), Macquarie Centre, Cnr Herring Rd & Waterlooo Rd, Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113. .

To find out how we can help call today on 1300 668 256