Workplace bullying

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Research has shown that up to 75% of workers have experienced workplace bullying… A statistic that says it all.

No one should feel emotional vulnerable or abused at work. If you have experienced this however, it’s important to speak to a qualified psychologist. Fortunately, the team here at Life Resolutions Macquarie Park specialises in treating the negative emotional effects these experiences can have.

Across a lifetime, the average person will spend roughly 90,000 hours at work. So it’s important that it’s a place of comfort and peace. If these environments are emotionally draining it can be particularly tough on younger workers in the first stages of their career. This is because they have to cope with both sides of the bullying. It can come from the top down as workers feel degraded by their superiors who are enforcing the hierarchy that was once enforced on them. However, while this bullying is certainly harmful, bullying from colleagues is awful too. This destructive behaviour resembles one or more individuals being picked on by a group of workers. In either case, workplace bullying feels deeply personal and is associated with much higher rates of mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

While we often can’t control the culture around us or the behaviours of all, we can control our perspective. Speaking to a qualified psychologist will provide insight and let you know you aren’t alone.

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