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If there’s anything a lot of people can agree upon, it’s that eating is fun. Eating is a good way not just for us to receive the nutrients we need, but to also cope with some problems in life such as stress, or for leisure. Unfortunately, like the quote states, too much of everything is bad. The same can apply to food, and much more so when your eating habits actually become signs of eating disorders. If you think your eating is starting to affect you in a negative way, do consider seeking therapy to help you cope. It’s better to do preventive measures now instead of potentially regretting the situation in the future.

Eating Disorders: The Basics

There are two very known kinds of eating disorders, and it’s important to at least have a basic understanding of how they are described before thinking about on how to deal with them. The two conditions are:

  • Anorexia nervosa, which is the condition that describes very low calorie intake by a person; and
  • Bulimia nervosa, which is the condition where a person eats and purges a lot of over certain cycles

Symptoms of the two vary, but eating disorders generally have similar “signs.” These can range from:

  • Eating too much or not eating enough, characterised by somehow being too conscious about body shape, weight, and food in general.
  • Exercising too much, or even using too much diet pills and laxative than what is recommended or prescribed. They may even induce vomiting after meals, or even experience “spikes” in losing or gaining body weight.
  • For women, irregular menstrual cycles coupled with the above can be signs of an eating disorder.

Eating Disorders: How We Help

Given the symptoms above, it may appear as though eating disorders are a bit difficult to diagnose, but when left untreated, these can actually become life threatening situations. Counselling and treatment can actually mitigate and help people adjust to eating disorders, given that certain techniques can be used to help teach those with eating disorders just how things can affect their food intake, weight, and body image.

Our team from Life Resolutions Maidstone can help give you the kind of help you need, especially when it comes to managing your eating disorder. If you feel as though you have one, or if you’re concerned if a friend or a relative has an eating disorder, our therapy techniques can help provide you better insight on how to understand eating disorders, how they can affect your life, and how you can manage or even avoid them. You can finally get the means to have the kind of life you want for yourself thanks to this understanding.

If you feel as though you have an eating disorder, or if you want to check if you have an eating order, please feel free to give Life Resolutions Maidstone a call. Our helpful support staff are always there to provide you with the adequate support you need, especially if you want to get connected with one of our psychologists that can help you with your needs.

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