Jodie Brenton – the Story of Life Resolutions’ Director and CEO

Jodie Brenton is the Director and CEO of Life Resolutions.  Jodie has devoted over 20 years of her career to helping Australians to achieve improved mental health and wellbeing. Jodie’s involvement in the industry has primarily focused on supporting practitioners and seeking innovative structures and networks to support the delivery of high-quality care to clients and to improve the overall mental health outcomes within Australia.

Jodie Brenton’s passion for mental health

Jodie’s passion for psychology comes from her own experience with mental health and its impact on the people closest to her. With her personal experiences, she developed a strong motivation and commitment to succeed in her work with Life Resolutions.

“We need to demystify psychology and break down the barriers to getting help for people”.

Jodie understands that mostly everyone deals with negative mental health at some point in their life, and advocates for the need to fight the taboos and barriers stopping people from seeking the help they need.

Working with Jodie Brenton

Anyone who has worked with Jodie knows that she is caring, compassionate and highly empathetic. All of her work is done to help people, and to achieve this, she focusses on the practices of constantly listening, learning and improving in the workplace. With a focus on these abilities, Jodie is able to ensure her work approach is very ‘human-centric’.

Jodie is also known to be extremely hard working and expects her team at Life Resolutions to share her level of commitment and motivation in their work too. She is also very approachable and welcoming in the workplace, and her employees and colleagues can rely on her to lighten up any situation and to know when the team needs to refresh with a break.

Jodie Brenton and the beginnings of Life ResolutionsJodie Brenton life resolutions

Prior to developing a partnership with Mary Magalotti and founding Life Resolutions, Jodie worked in the media and entertainment industry, where accumulated a diverse range of skills and business knowledge, which she was able to utilise in her role as Director and CEO at Life Resolutions.

Life Resolutions grew from a private psychology practice in Brunswick, Melbourne when a partnership formed between Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti. The pair seemed to be the perfect team, with Mary delivering the clinical support to clients, and Jodie in charge of managing the back end of the business such as; the reception, administration, marketing and all of the back-end business operations. Since the foundation of the business in 2001, Life Resolutions has grown exponentially and has helped thousands of people across Australia to improve their mental health outcomes.

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