Mary Magalotti – the Life Resolutions Principal Psychologist

Mary Magalotti is a highly respected and experienced psychologist, with an in-depth knowledge of the psychology industry and a passion for providing exceptional mental health care to all of her clients. Throughout her busy career, Mary has been a director & principal psychologist of many successful mental health businesses has sat on the national board of the Australian Psychology Society and is known as a thought leader in the Australian psychology industry.

Mary also has a thorough understanding of the need for mental health care to be highly personalised to each client. This understanding matched with her strong critical thinking skills has allowed Mary to become the outstanding psychologist she is today.

As a mother of two, Mary is an expert when it comes to handling a lot and still excelling, and she hopes to inspire other women to believe that they can have it all – a thriving career and a happy family.

Mary Magalotti in the foundation of Life Resolutions

Mary Magalotti began her career as a psychologist in a small private practice in Brunswick, Melbourne. She was then joined by Jodie Brenton, in 2001, to support her with the operational side of the business, including running the reception and managing the financial and admin work. From there, Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton became business partners and in the 19 years since have transformed Life Resolutions into what it is today.

Mary Magalotti – a thought leader in the Psychology Industry

Mary is known in the psychology industry, for her immense level of experience, her insightful knowledge and her understanding of the inner-workings of the industry.

In her position as the principal psychologist at Life Resolutions, Mary enjoys focusing on the clinical side of the business and on developing new business relationships and partnerships with other forward-thinkers in the industry.

Mary Magalotti & Life Resolutions team

Among colleagues, Mary is renowned for her hard-hitting questions, her critical thinking skills and her habit to challenge the norm to change the industry for the better. With her immense passion and drive to improving the mental health outcomes of her clients, Mary Magalotti is an inspiration to work with.

Mary Magalotti on the Australian Psychologist Society Board

Due to her exceptional career, Mary has been given the honour to sit on board of the Australian Psychologist Society (APS), representing psychologists in private practice all across Australia. This opportunity gave her the ability to provide her unique insights to influence the direction of psychology in Australia.






Mary Magalotti


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