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We’re hiring!

With so much uncertainty in the world, our fellow Australian’s need mental health support now more than every. With this growing demand, we are looking to bring a few more team members onto our team. As the needs are so broad we are recruiting for a provisional psychologist job in Melbourne, a registered or clinical psychologist job in Melbourne as well a a Telehealth psychologist job Australia wide.

We offer attractive and flexible employment conditions for individuals who share our business principles and enthusiasm for helping people to improve their lives.


Psychologists in Maribyrnong

Talking to someone about your problems is not always easy, and sometimes the idea of even expressing what’s on your mind can be overwhelming. This is especially the case when some people consider therapy but are concerned people might judge them based on their mental health concerns.

We at Life Resolutions Maribyrnong aim to provide you with a safe environment that can help give you the atmosphere of care that you need in order for you to be able to discuss your issues. Our team of psychologists is trained and equipped with the skills needed in order to help develop strategies for you to be able to cope with your situation.

Our client-based approach allows us to prioritise your needs while acknowledging the potential you have to make your life better and brighter on your own terms. As such, we provide our clients with only the kind of care we believe is best for their situation and their goals. 

Here To Help

Life Resolutions Maribyrnong is the brainchild of Anita Bonollo, our main psychologist. Her goal was to bring change to the local people of Maribyrnong as she wants to help everyone understand that changing the way they think can create relevant and positive changes in the way they look at life, at work, their physical health, their family, and even relationships. Anita wants to share the gift of psychological help to everyone who needs it, and working with our psychologists can help you create a program to manage your thoughts and feelings for a lasting change in all aspects of your life.

Our passion and drive to help our clients stem from Anita’s own desire to help the community, and we all believe it can start from fruitful relationships with our team and our clients. We are here to help, one client at a time. Our clients range from individuals, groups, couples, families, and even staff from different fields of work. We understand there are various issues to tackle everywhere, and we are here to help.


Strategies That Work

We want to redefine your therapy. When you come to see a psychologist here at Life Resolutions, we want to make sure you're meeting a professional that will help you create coping strategies for your concerns. At the end of your therapy sessions, we want to make sure you have developed methods to believe in yourself and to be an engine of change to help the lives of everyone around you.

We develop strategies depending on the kind of mental health concerns you have and based on how you want to change the way these concerns affect you in the long-term and short-term. This is because we understand priorities can change, and not everyone who undergoes therapy wants exclusively short-term or long-term solutions. Our strategies change depending on these parameters, and we will be glad to offer you the assistance you need.

We have helped a lot of people from all sorts of backgrounds over our team’s lifetime. Our team has helped them manage issues related to anger, substance abuse, relationships, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Our experience tackling a wide variety of mental health concerns have given us the capacity to understand complex issues and the different ways they can affect people around us. As such, we also understand the difficulties our clients are facing not only when talking with us, but when having to deal with life in general.

Our team of psychologists do this by making sure we talk with our clients carefully and tailor working strategies based on a wide variety of treatment methods and therapy techniques. In our sessions, clients will soon start developing methods to cope with their situation, and we can guide them to use those methods in their day-to-day lives. Our process ensures our clients will be able to use these methods to cope with their situation, and we can modify these methods depending on their short-term and long-term goals.

Making Life Better For You

About Life Resolutions

We at Life Resolutions Maribyrnong love knowing that our therapy can in fact be an instrument to help make a positive change in people's lives. We use each and every day as a chance to provide real change and positive outcomes to clients and their families.

This is also the reason why we aim to provide a safe space for our clients in an accessible environment. Our offices are easy to reach in different parts of Australia, and we make sure getting to our offices isn’t too difficult a journey to make. We understand taking the first step and wishing to undergo therapy can be difficult, so we make the second step - undergoing therapy - a bit easier for you.

Our office is located in the gorgeous Bay St. in Maribyrnong where we have a team of therapists dedicated and ready to help everyone have a safe place where they are able to express their struggles, concerns and anxiety. In turn, we are dedicated to help them cope with their issues.

Our psychologists are more than equipped with the right training and tools to make sure we can help you create a positive difference to your life and for those around you. Should you ever feel the need to talk to a psychologist about issues related to anger, anxiety, depression, or even other issues concerning your mental and emotional health, we are here to help.

Should you have any concerns or questions about the nature of our work or the other services we offer, feel free to reach out to our offices and our customer representatives will be more than happy to answer your concerns. We can also book your first appointment and connect you with a psychologist who can help you with your issues.