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Alcohol Addiction

Drinking alcohol once in a while, especially with friends or during special occasions is normal. It’s just how some people have fun. There’s nothing wrong with this practice, just as long as you know when to stop. If you don’t know when to stop, you might be facing a more severe problem. There are serious health risks when alcohol addiction is untreated over time. You might not notice it, or you might try to heed the symptoms, but you shouldn’t take the issue of alcohol addiction lightly.

What are the Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction?

The symptoms of alcohol addiction can be difficult to notice because some might just understand it as social drinking. To know if your drinking has become an addiction, you can try to look for these symptoms:

  • Neglecting responsibilities – this includes your responsibilities at home, school or work. Common scenarios that you may have in your life at the moment are being drunk the night before without giving any importance to a business meeting the next day or skipping out on prior commitments because you have a hangover.
  • Using alcohol where it’s dangerous – you’re fond of drinking before going to work, even if your work includes operating big machinery or even driving.
  • Experiencing legal problems – you’ve been arrested several times for driving under the influence of alcohol, and you have no concern if you make the same mistake again. You don’t care if your violations due to alcohol will increase.
  • You’re drinking causes problems to your relationships – your spouse and other family members are already reminding you to control your alcohol intake, but despite their reminders, you continue to drink behind their back. You start to come up with lies to allow you to still drink without them knowing.
  • Loss of control when you’re drinking – you promised to drink two glasses of wine but ended up emptying two bottles of beer.

What are the Treatments for Alcohol Addiction?

Commonly, alcohol addiction can be treated through:

  • Behavioral Treatments
  • Medications
  • Mutual-support Groups

How Can We Help You?

The reason why you’ve become an alcoholic through the years might be caused by childhood experiences, or you might be influenced by others. Regardless of the reason, Life Resolutions’ psychologists in Maribyrnong take the time to understand what’s behind your alcohol addiction and provide you with the strategies to overcome your addiction over time. Our psychologists will listen to you and work with you to uncover the reasons why you may be using this behavior as a coping mechanism in your life. This will be our basis in coming up with a plan for you, a plan which you can quickly adapt in your life for a much better overall outcome.

The service we offer to you will be a fit for your lifestyle. You’re not alone, we’ll be with you throughout the entire process to give you the support you need to succeed.

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