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Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion in life. The details of why people get angry vary from person to person – some people might be angry due to petty reasons, some due to pressing issues. Anger is often felt when someone gets frustrated. Yes, this reaction is typical but not being able to manage it can sometimes lead to bigger problems.

Anger Management Treatments

Being angry due to reasonable circumstances is acceptable, not everything will go according to plans. But if this anger is affecting the person feeling it and the people around, then it may become a serious matter, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Anger can make someone counter-productive and can push them to do and say things which they’ll eventually regret. It’s difficult to tell someone to “calm down” when they’re on the peak of their emotions. Additionally, anger is difficult to change because:

  • Anger can be productive to some people, serving as stimuli for them to get what they want.
  • Anger gives the drive of doing something a calm person will never do.
  • Anger can be energizing, satisfying and self-reinforcing to some.

No studies claim that being angry is immoral – this is an emotion accepted by people and the society. The trouble begins when someone who’s angry can no longer control their emotions and use this to inflict pain to other. Being angry can also cause someone to be unproductive and anti-social. Although releasing anger once in a while is a good avenue to de-stress, having too much of it can also become dangerous – that’s when a Life Resolutions Psychologist in Maribyrnong can help you.

A Life Resolutions Psychologist will help you by thoroughly examining your thought processes, by which we’ll determine the possible cause of you emotion. We’ll work with you to understand what usually triggers this and let you understand the potential risks when your anger is not controlled. Our psychologists will explain to you how your emotions can affect you and the people around you, which includes your friends and family.

Our psychologists will empower you to make changes in your behavior and help you throughout the entire process.

What to Expect from Counseling?

Life Resolutions Anger Management Counselling can teach you the essential skills to help you control your anger, to ensure that it will no longer harm anyone. Our psychologists will determine what triggers your anger and help you create defense mechanisms which allow you to stay calm even when faced with stressful situations. We’ll help tailor an individual treatment plan that suits you and your currently lifestyle.

Medicare Rebates

As part of the Australian Government’s “Better Mental Health Care” initiative, they offer considerable financial assistance to people with mental health issues. These rebates require a mental health assessment from the client’s GP and a referral from a psychologist.

Be Calmer In Your Life

Start your journey to a calmer and happier life with our help. We can help you to learn to control your anger better so you can start to enjoy yourself again and the people around you. Call now to book your next appointment!

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