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Panic Attacks

Everyone feels anxious once in a while, especially when faced in situations of pressure or unpreparedness. It’s a typical reaction from human beings. However, there are severe disorders associated with anxiety, and one of these is a panic attack. Panic attacks could be the reason why you often find it hard to breathe or your heart pounds uncontrollably. While some panic attacks are manageable and can only last for minutes, some are severe and can even last for hours. If you have severe panic attacks, your daily activities are compromised.

What Are The Symptoms of Panic Attacks?

With the similarity of its symptoms, telling if you’re suffering from panic attacks or if you’re just plain worried can be difficult. It can be hard to seek help if you don’t know what you’ll be addressing in the first place. These are the symptoms of panic attacks:

  • Having palpitations or accelerated heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Feelings of choking
  • Chills and heat sensations
  • Cheat pain
  • Nausea, dizziness, light-headedness
  • Having feelings of unreality (Derealization)

What are Treatments for Panic Attacks?

There are different treatments available to address panic attacks. The frequency and the severity of the attacks can become your basis on what treatment to choose:

  • Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT): this treatment focuses on the sufferer’s thinking patterns and behavior. A therapist or psychologist will work with the sufferer in knowing what usually triggers the panic attacks.
  • Exposure Therapy: in this therapy, the sufferer is exposed to whatever triggers the attacks but within in a controlled and safe environment. Sessions can include the sufferer being asked to hold their breath or even hyperventilate just to imitate the symptoms of a panic attack.
  • Medications: several medicines are available for sufferers to temporarily reduce the symptoms of a panic disorder. However, medical treatments are often short-term help and will not solve the problem. It’s not advisable to only take medications to help the sufferer, but it’s best to combine this with other treatments.

How Can We Help You?

Life Resolutions psychologists are professionals who can help you with your concerns on panic attacks. We’ll work with you before, during and after your treatment plan to give you the support you need. Our psychologists will communicate with you to guarantee that no matter how intense your panic attacks could get, you’ll have the support and power you need to work you through it. We’ll continually work on changing how you see your fear and anxiety so it’s not as frightening anymore.

Our team understands that the cause of your panic attacks is unique and different from everybody else, that’s why our services are molded based on your personal needs. Regardless of the severity of your panic attacks, you’ll be taken care of if you work with our team. You or your loved ones can move past the drawbacks of panic attacks.

Let Us Help You Overcome Your Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be frightening, but with our help you can start to lessen your attacks and start to live your life again. Call now to book your appointment with one of our professional team members and start your journey on the road to a stress free future.

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