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Relationship Advice

Having good relationships with different people are the reason why life can become fulfilling. You might have all the problems in the world, but once you know you’re not going through all of it alone, everything seems better and calm. Your friends and family can be the reason for your strength, and without them, life couldn’t be as colorful as it is now. Being surrounded by positive people can contribute significantly to your personality.

For you to have a good relationship with others, you should also exert time and effort. If your relationships are left on the shelves, your general outlook can also be affected. Your behavior or way of thinking might change negatively if you’re alone for the longest time.

What are the Causes of Relationship Issues?

There are a lot of issues encountered when you’re in a relationship. If unresolved, these issues can become the reason for your breakdown.

Common causes of relationship issues include:

  • Conflict due to responsibilities and tasks
  • Financial problems
  • Indistinct loyalties between in-laws
  • Intimacy-related problems
  • Issues related to transitional phases in life (employment, immigration, birth of a child, etc.)
  • Lack of communication

What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling aims to recognize and reconcile relationships suffering from long-term problems. It requires the commitment and the openness of both parties for the psychologist to better understand how they can intervene with the problems at hand.

Sessions require for clients to narrate how their relationship is and what the problems are that they’re facing now. The psychologist will try to pinpoint the primary cause of the problem, educate the clients about it and gradually create a mindset which will enable clients to avoid recurring problems and petty issues.

Relationship counselling can be done within family members, a couple, employers and employees, and a professional and client.

How Can We Help You?

Regardless if you belong to a chaotic family or a workplace, Life Resolutions psychologists in Maribyrnong will help you build a healthy relationship. Our psychologists will strive to work out what the underlying issues are within your relationship are so you can start to work through these key areas to a better result. Our psychologists will listen to all of the parties involved and won’t take sides, nor judge. Nonetheless, they’ll use all of these details to come up with a plan which helps everyone to become better in the relationship.

Our team at Life Resolutions in Maribyrnong understand that what you’re growing through is significantly affecting how you think and behave – that’s why the services we offer you are a perfect fit for your needs.

Give Your Relationship Life Again

If you’re interested to know more about relationship advice and the services we can offer you, get in touch today. A relationship doesn’t have to slowly dwindle, with our help you can breathe life back into it and let is flourish once again. Call today to book your next appointment.

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