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Stress / Exam Stress and Stress Management

Modern day life is stressful. The pressures of work, troubled relationships, divorce, raising a family, or illness can all build up. While a certain amount of stress is natural and even useful for motivation and learning, ongoing, chronic stress can severely impact on our minds and bodies.

Facing exams can be a particularly stressful time for school or university students. It’s important that they develop strategies for managing their stress.

If you feel stress is becoming an overwhelming or constant factor in your life, seeking help is very important. Life Resolutions Maribyrnong has experienced psychologists qualified in helping people with stress management, to limit the impact it has on their lives and provide effective tools for managing stressful situations.

Our psychologists can help you identify the events and situations that elevate your stress levels, implement effective strategies for coping, and assist you in restoring a workable life balance.

Psychological Treatments

Psychological treatments are proven to help people with their issues by helping them to develop better-coping skills and change negative patterns of thinking so that they can deal better with life’s conflicts and stresses.

Psychological therapies can help a person to recover and can also prevent issues from reoccurring. Psychological treatments can include Relaxation Skills, Psychoeducation, Psychological Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Inter-Personal Therapy (IPT), Behaviour Therapy, and Hypnosis.


Medicare rebates are available to those who are eligible. Rebates can be paid directly into your bank account when sessions are paid for using cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

How to Get Help

To find out more about panic attacks counselling or to make an appointment with our psychologists for clients in Maribyrnong, Bayside suburbs or all over Melbourne, please feel free to contact us on 1300 668 256

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