Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions 

Mary Magalotti is a highly respected and well-known psychologist, with an expanse of experience in the industry and an inspiring passion for improving the mental health outcomes to all of her clients. Mary has been a director & principal psychologist of many successful mental health businesses has sat on the national board of the Australian Psychology Society and is known as a thought leader in the Australian psychology industry.

Mary has a deep and thorough understanding that the delivery of mental health services is extremely personal and sensitive in nature and must be individualised to each client. This understanding and her strong critical thinking skills have allowed Mary to become the outstanding psychology professional she is today.

Mary Magalotti in the foundation of Life Resolutions

Mary Magalotti began her psychologist career in a small private practice in Brunswick, Melbourne. In 2001, she was joined by Jodie Brenton to support her with the business operations of the practice, which included running the reception, and managing the expanse of admin and financial work.

Mary will be constantly heard reminiscing on these ‘simpler days’: “Back then it was easy. You could simply pay for a full-page ad in the local newspaper, and people would show up at your door”. And this sentiment remains true; it was far easier to run a psychology clinic back in those days. However, both Mary and Jodie have loved experiencing the changes and evolution of the psychology industry throughout their careers, since the foundation of Life Resolutions in 2001.

Mary Magalotti – leader in the Psychology Industry

Mary is known for her unparalleled level of experience, her unique insights and her deep understanding of the inner-workings of the psychology industry – both on the individual practice and the national and group level.

In her roles, Mary generally enjoys playing less of an operational role, but rather focusing on the clinical aspect and on developing relationships and partnerships with other forward-thinking individuals in the industry. Although, her insights, advice and guidance to the strategic direction of the Life Resolutions business were also thoroughly appreciated.

Working with Mary Magalottimary magalotti

Among colleagues, Mary is known for her ability to ask the hard-hitting questions, to think outside of the box and to challenge the norm. She is also appreciated for her direct communication style, her insightful thoughts and feedback and her encouragement to view every situation through critical eyes.

Mary Magalotti on the Australian Psychologist Society Board

Mary has also had the honour to sit on board of the Australian Psychologist Society (APS), representing psychologists in private practice across Australia. During this time, she had the opportunity to influence the direction of psychology in Australia.