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Your mental well-being matters most to us

Find a Psychologists near you

Find a Psychologist near you

Appointment within 48 Hours

Appointment within 48 Hours

Psycologist available in all specialities

Psychologists available in all specialities

Psycologist available in all specialities

43,389 of people helped as of Oct, 1, 2016

We’re hiring!

With so much uncertainty in the world, our fellow Australian’s need mental health support now more than every. With this growing demand, we are looking to bring a few more team members onto our team. As the needs are so broad we are recruiting for a provisional psychologist job in Melbourne, a registered or clinical psychologist job in Melbourne as well a a Telehealth psychologist job Australia wide.

We offer attractive and flexible employment conditions for individuals who share our business principles and enthusiasm for helping people to improve their lives.


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Our Focus

Our director Jodie Brenton and Life Resolutions team believe in a world where every problem has a solution, a world where not one person is afraid of talking or sharing. We believe that help should always be on your doorstep. You don’t have to search for it or wait for it.

Do you ever feel like you’re not fully understood? Do you feel like it’s impossible to properly open up and share your feelings? Are you worried about how others will react when you want to say something?

We understand that it’s good to talk and we encourage you to do so in the confines of our practices. Our psychologists are the people you should feel comfortable turning to for support and guidance when you need it most.

Through counselling, therapy and a non-judgemental listening ear, we can work together to solve any of your personal challenges no matter how large or small they may be.

Life Resolutions psychologists are here for you. It’s our goal to ensure a healthier and happier society in Australia. We feel your pain, that’s why we want to do everything we can to support you in the best possible way.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Once you take up contact, you’ll speak to one of our friendly receptionists. They will make sure to place you with a psychologist that best matches your needs within 48 hours. This means the psychologist will have the ability to deliver the best results for your particular situation.

Shortly afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation text with the details of your appointment.

The psychologist will give you a quick call prior to the appointment to provide you with extra details and introduce him/herself. If you have any questions for the psychologist, this would be a great time to ask them.

During your first session, the psychologist will figure out a plan that is the most suitable for your needs. This will outline what it will be like going forward, and whether or not you need to book in your following appointment. The number of times you’ll see the psychologist will vary depending on your situation. With years of experience a Life Resolutions psychologist knows that not one person is the same and will go the extra length to assure that you won’t be placed in a one-size-fits-all box.

The sooner you take that first step, the sooner you will live a happier life.

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About Life Resolutions

Who we are

Life Resolutions is a trusted and well established psychology service. With practices all over Australia and 10 practices in and around the area of Melbourne, you’ll always be able to see one of our psychologists. It’s our priority to match you with a psychologist within 48 hours of contacting us to make sure your needs are met as soon as possible.

Our psychologists are fully registered and qualified.

Life Resolutions goal is to provide you with a healthier and happier life that you deserve.

You’re already here, take the next step and call us now on 1300 668 256