About Life Resolutions

First established in 2001, Life Resolutions has been working with clients to resolve and manage a large variety of mental health and relationship problems.

Well known as a large national group of psychologists and mental health practitioners, Life Resolutions sets a high standard of professional care and counselling to all clients. We’re committed to helping people in need, regardless of their background and history.

Situated in Melbourne, our professional team of qualified psychologists understand that everyone is different. Because of this we know treatment methods should also be different from person to person.

At Life Resolutions our core belief is that everyone should feel worthwhile and valued. We know that no matter how you grew up, where you came from, or how you’re living today, at some point in your life you may benefit from professional psychological support, advice and assistance.

Our experienced and highly skilled psychologists aim to help clients overcome challenging hurdles. We want you to go on to live the happy and healthier life that you deserve. We can help to provide a safe place for clients to be able to talk about the hard things in life.

We can deal with everything from depression, grief, to behavioural problems and addiction. Whatever you may be having trouble coping with, we’re here for you.

Why works with Life Resolutions?

At Life Resolutions, we’re proud to work a little differently with clients. We believe in maintaining the highest level of standards in psychological services available. We take pride in providing a caring, compassionate, nurturing, and supportive place for all our clients.

Our approach to treating our clients is based upon tried and tested methods of treatment. All methods used are based upon our client’s specific situation. You’re unique, so why would we treat you like everyone else?

Life Resolutions is open six days a week and can provide a convenient time for anyone to visit to get the help they may need. Find the location closest to you here.

If you would like to know more about our practice, team or to book your appointment, call us now on 1300 668 256. All phone calls are kept private and confidential.

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