Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Helping You Overcome Bipolar Disorder  Bipolar disorder can occur over time but can be brought on suddenly due to high amounts of stress and pressure from daily life. When you have a bipolar

Child Counselling

Child Counselling Children Need Support Too, Let Us Help Them Children aren’t immune to the difficulties of life. Problems with children can start at a very young age which can stay with them into adulthood


Depression Counselling Helping You Overcome Depression  Depression can begin from feeling sad over something small to turning into a long turn battle that can be hard to win. When depression begins you may start to

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Promoting Healthy Eating Through Psychological Support Eating problems can arise due to many factors including psychological changes in your life. When an eating disorder develops you may experience rapid weight loss or gain,

Family Counselling

Family Counselling Helping to Heal Families Family problems generally start due to a lack of communication and can tear families apart as the cycle continues. When a family is experiencing problems you may start to

Grief and Loss

Grief & Loss Counselling Helping You Heal From Your Loss The feelings of grief and loss occur after someone has passed away or for another reason. When feelings of grief and loss occur, you may

Marriage Counselling

Helping Heal Marriages and Families as a Whole Marriage problems can start to occur as small issues but rise to become difficult hurdles to jump across. You may start to experience communication breakdown, continuous fights,

Mental Illness

Mental Illness Giving You Support When You Need It Most Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time. They usually arise from traumatic stress, but can be brought on by a combination of events

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression Allowing You to Enjoy Parenthood   Postnatal depression generally occurs after a baby is born and can turn very serious if you don’t get the proper support. When experiencing postnatal depression, you start

Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice Our psychologists will help you have a healthy relationship Relationships are vital to our lives. they provide the feelings of being loved and cared for, relationships offer comfort and support. That’s why it’s

Sports Psychology

Sports psychology Sports psychology assists athletes in gaining the confidence and focus they need while mastering the physical and technical areas of the sport. There might be various reasons why seeing a sport psychologist might

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying Giving You the Confidence to Take Control in the Workplace Workplace bullying can start because of a small reason but can turn into a major problem that can affect your self-esteem and ability