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Bipolar Disorder

Helping You Overcome Bipolar Disorder 

Bipolar disorder can occur over time but can be brought on suddenly due to high amounts of stress and pressure from daily life.

When you have a bipolar disorder you may start to experience dramatic mood swings, racing thoughts, and restlessness.

Bipolar disorder isn’t to be confused with simple mood swings. Did you know that the onset of a bipolar disorder generally starts in the late teens to early twenties?

Bipolar disorder doesn’t have to stop your life completely. There are ways to manage your unexpected and dramatic mood swings. You have a chance to get professional help.

Common Signs of a Bipolar Disorder

Because a bipolar disorder can have episodes of both overactivity and depression, the symptoms may include:

  • Overwhelming sadness.
  • Loss of interest in activities that you once loved or enjoyed
  • Changes to sleep and eating patterns
  • Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
  • Ceasing to take care of one’s self
  • Increased activity or energy
  • Elevated mood that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world
  • Continuous high to low mood swings that are dramatic or unexpected
  • Irritability with other people and things around them
  • Rapid thinking and speech.
  • Recklessness without thinking about the consequences
  • Lack of insight and increased sex drive

Your Approach to Getting Better

Dramatic mood swings, changes in sleeping patterns, and irritability are all common signs of a bipolar disorder. There is hope, you can get help for your bipolar disorder.

You have the ability to change your life to become calmer and more in control with your emotional outbursts. You just need to be committed to the change.

The first step to getting help is recognising there is professional help available.

The second step is learning all you can about the disorder after a proper diagnosis has been given.

The third step is seeking out professional psychological help from a registered psychologist. A bipolar disorder doesn’t have to ruin your life. You can feel normal again.

How Does a Bipolar Disorder Start? 

Bipolar disorders can start from a number of factors; however, the overall cause isn’t fully known. These factors include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Genetics and whether you have a family history of a bipolar disorder.
  • An overactivity or underactivity of brain chemicals.
  • Environmental changes that place great stress on your life.
  • A medical illness that is compromising your overall health and wellbeing.

Get the help and support you need to overcome and live with your bipolar disorder with Life Resolutions in Melbourne. Let us help you change your life.

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