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Eating Disorder

Promoting Healthy Eating Through Psychological Support

Eating problems can arise due to many factors including psychological changes in your life.

When an eating disorder develops you may experience rapid weight loss or gain, an unhealthy relationship to food, or purging.

Healthy eating is about developing a safe relationship with food. Did you know that food contains important nutrients?

These nutrients are used by the body to give you energy and to create a healthy mood balance for happier living. Without them you become tired, you can’t think straight, and you can become anaemic or low in iron.

Eating isn’t something to be afraid of. You can monitor what you eat and still maintain a healthy body and figure.

We can help you overcome your eating disorder so you can look at food in a relaxed, calm, and enjoyable way. You have the power within you to feel comfortable with food again. 

Common Signs of an Eating Disorder

  • Feeling the need to maintain a strict diet regardless of how much you weigh.
  • Making immediate bathroom trips to purge after eating out of habit.
  • Hoarding a large amount of food without anyone knowing.
  • Binging secretly on a large amount of different foods.
  • An increase in the use of diuretics, diet pills and laxatives.
  • Increasing your exercise routine to several hours per day.
  • An increase in using prescriptions and other illegal drugs to supress appetite.
  • Always feeling preoccupied with body size, weight, body shape, and your appearance.
  • Obsessing over calories burned and calorie intake even though you’re losing weight.

Your Approach to Getting Better

Dramatic weight loss, food avoidance, and the compulsive urge to purge are the most common signs that you may be experiencing an eating disorder. If you feel this way, it’s not too late to get help.

You have the power to turn unhealthy eating patterns into healthy eating if you’re committed to making the change and getting help.

The first step in getting help is accepting that you do have a problem with your relationship with food.

The next step is to understand that you’re not alone, there’s many people that are struggling with an eating disorder.

The third step is taking back control over your life to get help from a professional psychologist that specialises in eating disorders.

Getting professional counselling for your eating disorder can help heal you emotionally and physically. 

How Can Eating Disorders Start? 

Eating disorders can arise slowly and can take a hold over years without you realising. They generally start due to:

  • Psychological reasons such as low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, anxiety, the feeling of inadequacy and lack of control in your life.
  • Relationship reasons like sexual abuse, emotional abuse, difficult family relationships and a history of bullying about weight.
  • Cultural reasons where you may feel pressured into having the perfect body or being thin.

You have the control in your life to get help. Life Resolutions is here to help you make food your friend again.

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