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Family Counselling

Helping to Heal Families

Family problems generally start due to a lack of communication and can tear families apart as the cycle continues.

When a family is experiencing problems you may start to see an increase in fighting, bad behaviour, and sudden cut-off of all communication.

Being a family is all about learning to love and tolerate the differences of other family members to make a strong family unit. Did you know that all families go through some sort of hardship in their life?

The difference between whether a family comes together or not is how they’ve learnt to deal with certain situations. Separating the family doesn’t have to be the final option. You can get help to unify your family again.

Common Signs of Family Problems Occurring

  • When you feel as if you can’t talk to your partner or children anymore.
  • The children’s grades go from A’s and B’s to F’s very quickly.
  • When all members of the family start to fight and argue over the littlest things.
  • You see family members calling each other derogatory names and using violence.
  • A family member threatens to cut all ties with you or another family member.

Your Approach to Getting Better

Fighting, lack of communication, and name calling are all the beginnings of a family unit falling apart. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can become the uniting force that brings your family closer together. You just have to be committed and not give up on them.

The first step to change is knowing that you and your family have a problem that everyone is responsible for, including yourself.

The next step is giving everyone a chance to openly want to help fix the family unit.

The third step is reaching out for professional help from a registered psychologist. Family counselling has helped many couples survive the storm in their family.

You can use it too, to survive your storm. There is hope.

How Can Family Problems Start? 

Family troubles can start for one reason and continue for another. These reasons may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Unresolved issues from the past that may not have been fully healed.
  • Abusive tendencies that one or both parent may be enforcing on their children.
  • Overbearing and controlling natures of one or both parents.
  • A lack of knowledge on how to teach your children to grow and be kind in life.
  • A lack of communication between family members with little understanding of how the other person feels.

Your family doesn’t have to live like this anymore. We can help guide your family through the eye of the storm at Life Resolutions.

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