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Relationship Advice

Our psychologists will help you have a healthy relationship

Relationships are vital to our lives. they provide the feelings of being loved and cared for, relationships offer comfort and support. That’s why it’s important that your relationships are positive.

Some relationships, whether it’s between friends, family, loved ones or your partner, can turn from positive to negative. A lot of people find themselves in a place in which they cannot face or solve on their own. Without the correct nurturing and support, these relationships can cause physical, emotional and/or mental pain.

What are some of the common issues that cause relationship problems?

There are a lot of different reasons that relationships with family, friends or partners can turn bad. Some of these issues include;

  • You have noticed a degrading ability to communicate within the relationship. It becomes increasingly difficult to speak and a lot of responses are emotional.
  • You have troubles managing and delegating household tasks.
  • You feel less intimate with each other, such as a low libido, impotence or other physical troubles.
  • You are experiencing financial struggles.
  • When it comes to a major change in your lives, ranging from a career movement, immigrating, the passing of a loved one, you experience conflicts and challenges.

How can you reach a happier and healthier relationship through visiting a psychologist?

Acknowledging that there is an issue is already a big step in the right direction. Bring up the issues you are facing in a conversation, and let the other side know how you are feeling. Talking about it will generally help you overcome the issue. At this point you will be able to identify whether the problem can easily be resolved, or whether it will require additional support. One of the solutions that is available is to speak to a psychologist. Relationship advice and counselling gives you the applied knowledge to better resolve issues and increase the positivity in the relationship.

This can be done by going to counselling sessions on your own or with your partner. It’s good to talk about the challenges you face and discuss your doubts on whether the relationship should continue or not. Many of the people we have helped have found it easier to come in to talk without their partner.

Your counsellor can choose from a range of psychological techniques for your relationship counselling sessions. These include; cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focused therapy or acceptance and commitment therapy. The focus of these methods is altar various behavioural patterns.

One of the most important parts to improving the overall quality of your relationship starts with learning, adapting to and applying the right strategies and skills. Your counselling process will guide you in doing so. With an improved understanding of you and those you are experiencing relationship problems with, you will once more be able to enjoy these relationships.

If you feel like a relationship isn’t fulfilled or you are experiencing challenges in the confines of a relationship, call Life Resolutions today and book an appointment with one of our friendly receptionists.

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