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Sometimes, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed especially in the face of mental health concerns. While these situations can be normal – especially feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression – too much of these for a long period of time can be extremely detrimental to our lives and that of others. Unfortunately, sometimes we also hesitate to share these with our friends and family because we fear they might judge us or subject us to prejudice. This is an unfortunate reality that is still attached to mental health issues in some parts of society, and this is something we at Life Resolutions Melbourne CBD aim to change.

We aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment that allows our clients to be in an empathic and safe space where they can share their problems and grievances. Likewise, we strive to make sure the psychologist we pair with them is not only skilled and equipped with the training and experience for their issues, but we make sure our team members are also caring individuals. This attention to care that we pride ourselves with stems from our client-based approach where we strive to ensure that our clients get the care they need alongside the guidance they need, all depending on their goals.

Our psychologists are equipped with methods, strategies, and techniques that are not only research and evidence-based, but are also based on years helping clients from all walks of life. If you come to Life Resolutions, we can tailor treatment methods that work for your situation and your long-term and short-term goals.

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Life Resolutions Melbourne CBD serves as the second practice that is managed, operated, and owned by Anita Bonollo. Anita believes that seeing a psychologist can have permanent benefits that are both helpful for our physical and mental well-being. Much of Anita’s research is dedicated to help individuals experience positive change through traditional psychological methods such as CBT and hypnotherapy.

Anita’s primary motivation as a psychologist is to help clients experience a more positive change and empower them to feel better, be confident, and have the tools to live their lives to the best of their ability.

Anita’s attention to care and drive to help others are core foundations of our client-based approach, and we strive to follow her philosophy in our day-to-day operations. We make sure the kind of services we need are not only medically sound, but are also appropriate for what our clients need in a given situation. This means we make sure we guide clients not only through teaching them what a technique could do to help them, but also to make sure they fully understand their concerns from the bottom-up, and how they can work on dealing with them in the long term.

Through Anita’s help, we’ve fostered a culture in the team that strives to make sure we provide only the best of care to our clients. All members of our team are trained psychologists, and they continue to receive training in order to make sure they are all up to date with new trends and new methods that could help our clients. This can give you and the rest of our clients an extra layer of assurance that we constantly strive to improve our services to make sure you get the best care you need.

When clients talk to Anita, they generally present a wide variety of issues that include depression, substances, addictions, and anxiety as well as relationship issues. Our CBD location affords her with the opportunity to address these issues as well as host some of her famous 10-Day Program and Corporate workshops that caters to the desires of Melbourne workers and companies covering various topics such as Conflict Management, Stress Management, and Emotional Intelligence.

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We are dedicated to help people in the area, especially companies, organisations, and workers in the Melbourne CBD area. Our psychologists are all capable of providing therapy in the EAP sector and to provide care and help to those who need support in their lives inside and outside work.

One of the most endearing parts of our role as psychologists, therapists, and counselors is the fact that we are actually making a big impact and positive effect on the lives of our clients. The kind of change we bring aren’t only temporary, but they have lasting impact to our clients, and we find a newfound desire to work better and be better the more we get to hear these positive outcomes from our clients. After all, when we know our clients can get for themselves the lives they want, the more we want to share this capacity to everyone.

The various methodologies, strategies, and therapy techniques we study and introduce to our clients are not only evidence and research-based, but we also accommodate these depending on our client’s needs. This attention to detail and care is what makes our client-based approach something we look forward to giving our clients as we want them to realise that they do have the power to make a powerful change in their lives. We at Life Resolutions want to give the guidance and the helping hand needed to make sure our clients, and hopefully you, see their innate potential.

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In the aim to provide a safe and comfortable space for you to share and explore your concerns with our psychologists, we strive to make sure our office is easily accessible to clients and those interested in taking advantage of our services. We know that the decision to seek help is already a huge step, so we try to make sure the rest of the steps that involve documentation and travel aren’t as difficult. This could hopefully help you and our clients focus on their treatment and their therapy.

Life Resolutions Melbourne CBD is situated in the Melbourne City Landscape. We're very near to Flinders St. Station and several public transport methods – and we have our own tram shop located right outside of 280 Collins St. for those who need it.