Caring for your Mental Health Amid a Global Pandemic

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2020 has been an unprecedented year for Australians and the world at large. Starting with a catastrophic fire season and then being hit with a global pandemic and thrown into lockdown. So, with all of this fear and uncertainty in the world, it is no surprise that people’s mental health is being negatively affected.

So, to help you to maintain good mental health & wellbeing, here are a few things that you can implement into your lockdown life.

  • Look after your physical health

– keeping a healthy body is often integral in maintaining a healthy mind. Therefore, eating well, staying physically active and getting enough sleep are great practices. This doesn’t mean you have to become a full-blown athlete, simply going for a daily walk or doing some yoga is a great start.

  • Stay connected

– while you may not be able to see your loved ones in person during this time, it is important to stay socially connected to your friends and family. Think of it as physical distancing rather than social distancing. You can still speak to loved ones through phone calls, texts and video chats, and even chat to your local barista, from 1.5 metres away, of course.

  • Be kind to yourself

– you’re living through a pandemic, just focus on getting through it! This is a stressful enough time for everyone as it is, so, be gentle with yourself; don’t force yourself to learn another language or take up baking just because everyone else is. Take time to relax and decompress. You’re living through a global pandemic, that is enough.

  • Stick to a routine

– with the world seemingly falling apart, it is important to maintain a sense of normality. Develop a daily routine, like waking up at 8 am every day and getting dressed, working your normal hours from 9 to 5 or schedule in a daily afternoon walk. Do whatever you need to make life seem a little more normal and manageable.

  • Seek support

– it is completely normal to face ups and downs in times like these, and your loved ones are likely feeling the same, so don’t be afraid to reach out and share how you are feeling. This is the time to support each other, and by speaking about your own mental health, you may encourage your loved ones to reach out for support too. However, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, seek professional help. If you need help right now, services like Beyond Blue and Lifeline are available 24/7. Otherwise, you can speak to one of our qualified psychologists at Life Resolutions to get you back on the path to mental wellbeing.

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The Life Resolutions team are dedicated to providing quality support to Australians during this difficult time. Our CEO, Jodie Brenton and principle psychologist, Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions understand that social isolation is contributing to an increase in mental health issues and are committed to providing the services to help anyone in need of support.

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