Who we are

Today’s growing understanding on treating and caring for those with mental health concerns is starting to help others see the need to have and maintain their mental health. Unfortunately, there’s still some stigma attached for those who want to approach mental health professionals for treatment and care, as some parts of society still believe that those who seek aid for mental health are “weak” or are “insane.” This is something our team from Life Resolutions Mildura want to change, as we aim to add a more client-centered approach, allowing us to ensure our clients do not feel harassed or judged when they approach our team.

We believe that change starts from within, and that a good understanding of how mental health care works can help society be more open towards mental health needs and concerns. Our team from Life Resolutions Mildura believe this can start by making sure we provide only the utmost best in long-lasting care and treatment, so our clients can also be a beacon of light to those who need them.

This way, we are paying it forward, as we allow our team to equip our clients with the capacity to acknowledge their strengths and use them to achieve a more fulfilling life. Our approach here at Life Resolutions Mildura allow us to tailor our treatment depending on your needs, ensuring an adaptable and flexible set of sessions that grow with you.

Learned, Motivated

Your interaction with Life Resolutions Mildura will be an experience like no other, because your concerns will be treated with the same kind of intensity the way you see them. We understand how serious your issues are, and we hope to do our best to help you understand and provide you with insight as to how these issues can affect your life and those around you. Our treatment methods can hopefully help you find better ways to live your life to the fullest and have a brighter life ahead.

You will surely benefit from our learned and motivated approach, as we hope to use the education and training we’ve acquired to be able to ensure our clients get the best possible care appropriate for their situation. You will get to understand your behavior and choices thanks to our counselling sessions, and hopefully these could motivate you be better individuals and have a more fulfilling life.

Insightful Application

Your psychologist will be your so-called partner in crime – not because we’re going to make you do things you don’t like, but because we’re there to give you the right push to get your dreams for yourself and fulfill them in a way that satisfies you and motivates you to do more. This means you won’t experience methods, strategies, and techniques, that are repetitive and tedious. You’re rest assured the program we’ll assign to you is from insightful application of evidence-based and research-based techniques we’ve learned in the past.

Our private practice stems from the reality that the competitive nature of the research field in psychology isn’t something we believe that can help with our overall goals. We want to normalise the need for psychological care, because it’s something people should take seriously. You’re rest assured that the methods and program your psychologist from Life Resolutions Mildura will make you perform have this purpose in mind, and it will be a program that is fit for your needs.

Adaptable Development

With Life Resolutions Mildura you will experience adaptable development, which means the kind of care you will experience is not only tailored to your needs, but it’s something that adjusts as you grow throughout your sessions. Your therapy program will not be the same all throughout, as we take into account your objectives, your goals, and your dreams as we go through your sessions. Your goals matter to us, and we try our best to make sure we cater to them in a way that not only makes them achievable, but that you’re going to achieve them and your other dreams throughout your lifetime.

Adaptable development stems from our desire to provide you with the tools, techniques, methods, and strategies to be able to cope up with life’s challenges even outside the halls of our office. Your concerns are our concerns, and your growth is something we aspire to fulfill. You are rest assured that we’ll stop at nothing to make sure your dreams are met with the utmost capacity, and that you have the ability to reach your dreams without any hindrance.

Comfort, Flexibility

You are rest assured that the kind of atmosphere and environment we’re offering here at Life Resolutions Mildura is that of comfort and privacy. We understand that it’s not an easy step to share your plights and concerns with us, and as such we make it to a point to ensure you don’t feel violated and judged in any way throughout your sessions. You can see that our team is not just equipped to provide you with the comfort you need, but also with the kind of flexibility you will need especially as you start growing with your sessions.

This provides you with an extra layer of assurance that not only are we more than willing to adapt to your needs, but we’re flexible enough to do this in an environment that is comforting and assuring.

If you feel as though your mental health concerns are becoming overwhelming for you to bear, and your experiences are starting to become harmful to you and those around you, please don’t hesitate to consider seeking professional care. Our team here at Life Resolutions Mildura will be more than glad to assist you with your needs, and we will tailor a treatment plan that is appropriate for your desires, needs, and objectives.

Our client-based approach is built on the philosophy that while our techniques, methods, and strategies are evidenced-based and research-based, we strive to make sure that the methods we used are still carefully adjusted depending on your needs. Your sessions with our psychologists will be constant reminders that you’re on your path to progress, and treatment methods we’ll proceed to give you will be reflecting this.

If you want assistance towards a path to a more fulfilling and fruitful life, do feel free to communicate with us. Feel free to reach our customer service representatives in order for us to get started with your path to a more fulfilling life. Remember, your welfare is our top priority, and we strive to help you make a difference in your life.