Child counselling

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We love our kids and want the best for them… to do so we must care for their mental health.

When we become parents, we often feel like we must have all the answers. We want to fill our kids’ daily lives with joy. But sometimes we don’t know what’s wrong, or how to help. Fortunately, the team at Life Resolutions Mildura can provide children’s counselling so you can set their mental health on the right path.

Setting this in motion is more crucial than ever before. Research has shown that half of all serious mental health issues that come to light in adulthood, begin before the age of 14. One of the greatest things a parent can do to care for their child and develop their resilience, is to learn about these issues. Spotting these can be very difficult. For example, a child suffering from depression, will seem lethargic and probably won’t want to play with their friends as much, if they do at all. They can also get very frustrated and upset with little reason to be. This is where it becomes difficult, these could just be signs of everyday life. It’s normal for kids to feel social insecurity at times, and children can experience irrational frustration. The best way to find out is by speaking to a qualified psychologist who can identify these issues and help your child develop their resilience.

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