Anxiety is a normal part of life, especially when we realise that anxiety is one of those things that allow us to be aware of our surroundings and to note what we should do and

Child Counselling

Raising a child can be an extremely wonderful experience, especially if you want your child to experience a lot of wonderful things with you. Unfortunately, raising a child isn’t always filled with sunshines and rainbows,


Depression is something we feel on a regular basis, as we are capable of feeling sadness and frustration over different aspects of life. However, when depression affects us for a long time and we can’t

Eating Disorders

If there’s anything a lot of people can agree upon, it’s that eating is fun. Eating is a good way not just for us to receive the nutrients we need, but to also cope with

Life Issues

Life isn’t something that is all sunshines and rainbows, but it’s certainly something that we can deal with. Life has issues that test us and make us stronger, but sometimes the lessons from these ordeals

Loss and Grief

There will be times in our lives when we’re going to lose someone we care for or someone we love, and loss and grief will arrive. We associated these feelings with sadness and depression, and

Perinatal Emotional Health

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, as it prepares you for the gift of being a parent. Sometimes, however, the process of pregnancy can affect your emotions in a way you don’t always get to understand,

Relationship Counselling

Relationships aren’t walks in the park, and when problems arise, sometimes they can be too serious to deal with in a healthy manner. When couples start becoming toxic with one another, sometimes these problems tend


Stress is a natural thing we experience, and more often than not, we find a lot of ways to cope and manage these circumstances. Sometimes we eat, or sleep, or do something that makes us

Weight Management

Being conscious with our weight is something that can be normally experienced, especially for those who want to be conscious with the way they look. Bodybuilders, models, and those concerned with weight affects their health