Pregnancy is an amazing experience, as it prepares you for the gift of being a parent. Sometimes, however, the process of pregnancy can affect your emotions in a way you don’t always get to understand, and perinatal emotional health can sometimes be something you don’t always get to manage. Our team from Life Resolutions Mildura can help you achieve a better outlook in your pregnancy in order to prepare you for your great life ahead. 

Pregnancy and Parenthood

When you’re pregnant, it can be a bit difficult to start adjusting to finally being a “we” or an “us” from being an “I” or a “me” or a “my,” especially now that you’re going to have a family. This idea can be frightening and overwhelming at times, especially since the reality will start sinking in that you will be a parent, and as such will be responsible for the life and welfare for another person. These fears are normal, but if these feelings start to overwhelm you and affect you in a negative way, then feelings of depression and anxiety can happen and can be detrimental to your overall happiness as a parent.

Your emotions during pregnancy may have some impact to the growth of your child, and your mental health is an important aspect of setting the right point of view when becoming a parent. A parent and their child can have a much happier and fruitful life if these thoughts are managed.

Problems and issues that parents experience during pregnancy are common, and can be generally categorised in three types:

  • In the first trimester, new mothers can experience feelings of dread and anxiety about losing their child, especially if the mother in question has lost a pregnancy in the past.
  • In the second trimester, mothers may have concerns related to weight gain in order to fully support their child, which can lead to loss of self esteem or being more self conscious.
  • In the third trimester, mothers may experience feelings of fear and anxiety towards childbirth and labor, and especially issues related to raising the child.
  • Fathers can also feel the same thing, as fathers expecting a child will have to go through emotional changes as well. Changes include being anxious or stressed about the responsibility of being able to assist the mother throughout the pregnancy, and supporting the new family as well.

Childbirth is perhaps one of the most amazing moments in life, but it also heralds perhaps one of the most challenging and fruitful journeys of all: parenthood. This is why perinatal emotional health is such an important aspect of childbirth, and we can’t help but feel anxious about our future as parents, now that our child is actually here. If you feel as though the pressure is getting to you, feel free to give Life Resolutions Mildura a call. Our perinatal emotional health counselling can help give you that gentle push you need in order to believe in your capabilities as a parent.

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