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Dealing with mental health issues is not the same for everyone, and unfortunately not everyone knows a good way of dealing with their concerns. This can be one of the reasons why people with mental health concerns may be overwhelmed with their problems, or they may have a difficult time sharing their problems with a relative, a friend, or a colleague.  This is could be because sometimes there’s still judgment and prejudice attached to mental health issues. This fear can even extend to undergoing therapy as there are still unhealthy notions attached to the concept, such as weakness and dependence.

Our team here at Life Resolutions Narellan want to change the perception that some people still have towards mental health concerns. We aim to provide a safe and comfortable space for our clients that can hopefully be enough for them to share their concerns with us. Likewise, we make sure our team of psychologists are not only equipped with the training and skills needed to help our clients, but we strive to make sure our psychologists are experienced and are the right fit for our client’s needs.

Our client-based approach is fueled by our drive and passion to help our clients achieve a better and higher quality of life, and we do this by ensuring that our methods and techniques are adequate and appropriate for their problems and needs. Relatedly, we make sure that our methods are tailored for them and can fit their long-term and short-term goals as well.

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Individuals who are emotionally healthy are aware of their feelings, behaviours, and thoughts. They have acquired a wide variety of methods to cope with their problems on a personal level, and they feel confident about themselves. However, some things can happen in one's life that can disrupt our emotional health. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression or stress.

Sometimes, we feel stuck and have a lack of purpose and motivation. We can experience decreased self-confidence and feel like we're on automatic movement everyday. Life may not seem as amazing as it could be.

However, it's important to remember that understanding the need to ask for assistance doesn't come naturally for a lot of us. Talking with a psychologist can help us understand things from a different viewpoint and grow as a person.

We have a passion for helping people, and depending on a psychologist's training and style, we have our own methods of helping clients cope with their problems. Some of us can tailor our approach based on your needs, personality, and circumstances.

Whatever the case may be, we feel that our training and experience can help you be more at ease and empower you for personal growth.

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A lot of research have concluded that negative emotions can greatly affect our body’s defenses. This means our emotions play an important role in making sure we stay healthy. Counselling is built to improve our health - not just mentally and emotionally, but also to help us make a positive change in our overall well-being.

In light of these studies, we try to make sure our client-based approach is not only appropriate for what our clients need, but also to make sure the methods we use with them are also capable of making a positive change in their lives. We strive to help our clients get access to evidence-based and research-based methods that not only can work with their particular issue, but provide with strategies they can use in the long run. This gives us a layer of assurance that our clients have access to management methods that could help them cope with their issues even outside our offices.

We respect your perceived level at which you will want to tackle your problems, and rest assured we are always here to be an extra pair of eyes and ears for you to understand your situation better. We believe in the potential our clients have, and we therefore make sure our client-based approach is not intrusive or in opposition to our clients’ goals and objectives. The environment we provide them is not only safe and comfortable, but is also a place that provides an atmosphere for learning and understanding.

Our counselling process needs collaboration on the part of us as therapists and you as our client. If you have an active role in our sessions, then you will find our sessions much more useful and fulfilling. We understand how a good relationship can always open up opportunities for learning, and we aim to apply this to our philosophy. We believe a nurtured relationship between client and psychologist can help clients understand their concerns better, and our psychologists are especially chosen to help make sure they are a good fit for our clients.

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About Life Resolutions

Where We Are: We are easy to locate from Bentley, Cannington, Carlisle, East Perth, East Victoria Park, Lathlain, Rivervale, Kensington, Queens Park, and Welshpool, Camden, Harrington Park, Leppington and Mount Annan.

How to Reach Us: Give our Client Services Centre a call at 1300 668 256 and learn we can be of assistance as you also don’t need a referral from your physician for an appointment.

Hours: We are open from 8AM to 8PM on weekdays, and 9AM to 6PM on Saturdays.

Some people have an average of about 6 to 10 sessions that last 50 minutes each.

Should you have to cancel, please take note that cancellations should be announced more than 24 hours prior to the original date.

Fees: If you have a mental health treatment plan, you might be eligible to get the Medicare rebate that will amount to a per-session amount of $84.80. Likewise, you may use your private health insurance’s ancillary cover in order to pay for our therapy services.

Getting Here: Our location is accessible with all means of public transport, and it’s in walking distance from Victoria Park Central. We also provide street parking. When you get here, please take a seat and our team will assist you shortly.